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The Inverter Drive Supermarket is an Industrial Automation Distributor. We specialise in starters and speed controllers for electric motors. These include:

  • AC Variable Frequency Inverter
  • DC Thyristor and Servo Drives
  • Soft Starts
  • motors and ancillary components.

The company operates exclusively via the web - providing discounted prices with an ordering facility on the web site. It also offers support from its headquarters in Chipping Campden, United Kingdom to customers in more than 75 countries worldwide.

AC Frequency Inverters for 230V supplies

An extensive range of 230V Single Phase Frequency Inverters is available from stock allowing control of dual voltage Three Phase Induction Motors from a Single Phase supply. Best sellers include ABB ACS150, Parker SSD 650, Siemens Micromaster 420, Vacon 10, LS iC5 and WEG CFW10.

Invertek Optidrive E2 series Inverters are also stocked and include an option to control Single Phase Capacitor Run (also known as Permanent Capacitor) Motors - bringing speed control and energy saving to Single Phase fans and pumps.

To complete the range; Three Phase 230V Inverters are also stocked. A common Industrial supply in the United States and parts of Asia, Three Phase 230V Inverters are often used in machinery imported from these countries.

AC Frequency Inverters for 400V supplies

A full range of Three Phase 400V Frequency Inverters are available; simple VxF, Sensorless Flux Vector, Closed-loop Flux Vector, energy-saving Common DC Bus and Regenerative systems can be supplied from stock or on short lead times.

IP20 Inverters for cabinet installation, dust tight IP55 and waterproof IP66 rated products allow for motor speed control in everything from clean to harsh environments. 

Specialised products for HVAC, modular or marine applications can also be supplied and offer significant benefits over and above General Industry solutions for these kinds of systems.

AC Thyristor Controllers for DC Motor Control

Thyristor Speed Controllers for DC Motors from 3A to 1950A in both Single and Four Quadrant form can be supplied. Isolated and non-isolated options are available with ratings up to 110A normally stocked.

Popular ranges include Parker SSD 506, 507 and 508 for simple applications. Isolated 512 and 514 series and advanced 590P for demanding systems.

Various Fieldbus options are available as plug-in modules including Profibus, Devicenet, Ethernet, CANbus, Modbus/RS485, EI Bisync and RS232. Feedback options include standard Tacho and Encoder loops as well as simple Armature Feedback.

Servo Drives and Motors

Servo drives (or Servo amplifiers) control the speed and position of servo motors by monitoring a feedback signal and continually adjusting output to meet predetermined performance requirements.

The Inverter Drive Supermarket has supplied Servo Drives and Motors from Parker SSD Drives, ABB, Parvex and Omron to customers worldwide.

Soft Starters for AC Induction Motors

Soft Starters reduce the load of electric motors during start up by applying an initial low voltage and raising this voltage to match the specified ramp time until the motor is running at full speed. At full speed, simple soft starters switch out of circuit whereas advanced soft starters continually monitor and adjust voltage to match the load and reduce energy usage where possible.

Both simple and advanced Soft Starter ranges from Fairford Electronics, WEG and Siemens are available with ratings to 160kW stocked for next working day delivery.

The Fairford HFE range is also stocked and allows Soft Starter technology to be applied to both 110V and 230V Capacitor Run and Capacitor Start Single Phase motors.

AC Induction Motors

The Inverter Drive Supermarket stocks a wide range of AC Induction Motors from both Marelli and TEC. All mounting options; including B3 foot, B5 flange, B14 face and B35/B34 combinations are available.

Motors for both Single Phase and Three Phase supplies are stocked with a choice of high starting torque Capacitor Start and standard starting torque Capacitor Run types available to suit the application.

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