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Our routes began some 20 years ago and we recently incorporated the brand of ‘Faber’ in 2010.
Originally specialising in bespoke staircase production, we quickly developed the niche of the staircase makeover.

Constantly committing to the development in technology, plant & skilled manpower has enabled us to diversify into the production of hand crafted furniture.

Our workforce possesses individuals with some 25+ years experience of traditional methods of furniture making and professional finishers with paints and lacquers to ensure the quality of the finished article is superb.

Our business is all about quality and we pride ourselves in the knowledge we give the same level of service whether the project is £2,000 or £50,000 job.

Bespoke Staircase Manufacturers & Installation

For the last 20 years we have specialised in making staircases and bespoke fitted furniture with aspirational design. All of our staircases are bespoke and tailor made to your specifications. Give your home that tailored look and feel.

Have a browse through some of our bespoke staircase to get an idea of the high quality work that we can provide. If you would like to arrange a visit for someone to visit your home or to visit our showroom, please call us directly to make an appointment.

Bespoke Staircase Manufacturers & Installation

Fitted Bedrooms

The bedroom is such a private and individual space. Customers appreciate our total dedication to provide a product that gently and subtly fulfils the design brief.

At the Liverpool Joinery Company, we specialise in building bespoke fitted bedrooms Liverpool. From design to installation we will ensure that your bedroom is designed to your bespoke requirements. We have many years experience in designing and building fitted bedrooms. You can be certain that we will do our best to match your the design of your dream bedroom. Our bedroom designs are not just made for style, we also make sure they are designed for practical use. With all of our designs, we ensure that all space is utilised to its full potential. Our bespoke designs ensure that even the smallest of spaces can be used for either storage or a feature.

Fitted Bedrooms

Staircase Design

We have a workforce with over 25 years worth of experience in staircase design. We can create any staircase design and will work with you to design the best staircase to suit your available space and the style of your room.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us via our website or give us a call.

Staircase Design

Home Media / Office

Stimulating elegance, comfort, style and personality are key words when designing that perfect space.

Stylish, streamlined furniture that caters for all the family needs in these demanding technological times.

Relax and enjoy some much needed downtime, watch TV or a DVD, listen to music or maybe chill out and read a book. Contact usfor a no-obligation consultation on your requirements.

Home Media / Office
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