The Masking Shop


The Masking Shop is a manufacture, stockist and distributor of the largest masking range online. We guarantee easy to order quality products at sensible prices, fast delivery service and no carriage charges on orders over £50. 

When viewing our web-site you will find all the right products to solve your masking problems. You can purchase just one of tape and small quantities of discs with no MOQ’s across our product range.

The Masking Shop

The Masking Shop. We have over 40 years experience as a manufacturer, distributor and stockist of masking tapes for industries including powder coating and electronics. The temperature ranges of our products range from 80c to 350c, we supply discs, custom shapes and rolls with low MOQ’s and delivery within 48 hours

The Masking Shop

We offer a wide selection of products

  • Green polyester tape
  • Green polyester discs
  • 200 degree centigrade very high temperature masking tape
  • 200 degree centigrade very high temp masking discs
  • Kapton tape
  • Kapton discs
  • Polyimide tape
  • Polyimide discs
  • Aluminium tapes
  • Aluminium discs
  • Low tack masking tapes
  • Lead foil tapes and lead foil discs
  • Glass cloth tape
  • Plasma spray tapes
  • High temp masking tapes
  • Sandblasting tapes
  • Silicone caps and silicone plugs
  • Spray paining
  • Protective clothing
  • large area masking
  • 80 degree centigrade masking tape
  • 150 degree centigrade masking tape
We offer a wide selection of products

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Please contact us by calling 01268 762 066 for friendly advice or please visit the contact form on our web site by visiting the link below:

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The products we offer are sourced from quality manufactures which include Scapa Tapes, Tesa Tapes, Venture Tapes and Advance Tapes.

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