The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd

Formed in May 1995, for over a decade The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd has been supplying innovative, reliable and high quality products to an ever increasing customer base both domestically and on the international stage.

Markets as diverse as Military,Industrial,Medical,Marine,Instrumentation and Security have benefited from our wealth of experience and expertise.

Whether the project demands a printed overlay or a complete electronic turnkey solution, 'build to print' or full/partial project development, we have the solution for you.

We are the experts when it comes to HMI Membrane Keypads and all associated products.

Please read through the list below to discover some of our capabilities and click our logo to visit our recently updated website.

Membrane Keypad

Non Tactile Membrane Keypad
General Spec: Overlay with flat surface finish, circuit spacer, printed circuit, rear adhesive. Depending on tracking and needs of the product a double circuit could also be employed. Tactility can be defined by the materials that are employed and size and shape of the switching spaces.

Tactile Membrane Keypad
General Spec: Overlay or Silicone Rubber Keypad with emboss, snap dome or both, circuit spacer, printed circuit, rear adhesive. Depending on tracking and needs of the product a double circuit could also be employed. Tactility can be achieved through various combinations of height and diameter of the snap dome and/or emboss type including Pillow, Dome and Rim plus employed materials.

These figures should be used as a general guide only and will vary according to design and product.

Silicone Rubber Keypad

Mylar/Rubber Domes
Where a tactile response is critical, a mylar layer with snap domes integrated into it provides both positive tactile response and reduced key travel. As it can be bonded to a PCB, the part adds value to itself by reducing the likelihood of ingress from contaminant elements.

Laser Etching
The process of laser etching a painted rubber keypad involves the top layer of coating being removed from the key to reveal a lighter secondary layer below. A possible effect gained from this is that the legends on the keys are enhanced by a back lit effect, making it perfect for use in light sensitive environments.

Plastic Key Tops
Where proof of a tactile response is required by the operator, coupled with a need to increase cycle life, these factors can be achieved by incorporating plastic key tops. By doing so this allows for both a functional solution to the problems and an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to the keypad as a whole.

Epoxy Cured Key Tops
For keypads that may be exposed to rigorous or repeated use, the application of an epoxy or gloss layer to the top of each key can improve durability, whilst giving each key upon actuation a noticeable positive feel and improved cosmetic appearance due to the curved surface that occurs after application.

These figures should be used as a general guide only and will vary according to design and product.

Printed Overlays and Labels

We can manufacture or source Printed Overlays and Labels as part of a Keypad or as a stand alone item.

Our capabilities include:

  • In-house custom design from concept to completion.
  • Replication from schematics and/or sample.
  • Application defined overlay and adhesive systems.
  • Platen pressed.
  • Laser cut.
  • Colours can be sourced from our existing colour range of mixed to custom specification.
  • A range of surface textures defined by material and ink.
  • Clear, anti-glare or tinted window print.
  • Graduated Print.
  • Secret till lit print.
  • Anti bacterial coating (under customer license only).
  • Emboss facility (Dome, Rim or Pillow)
  • Material finishes can include fine or velvet plus UV and abrasive resistant options.

Typically we will manufacture in either Polyester or Polycarbonate, however, our extensive supply chain allows us to source a variety of materials depending on each products individual requirement. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require specific data sheets.

These figures should be used as a general guide only and will vary according to design and product.

Electronic Manufacture

From obsolete component sourcing, through to the high volume supply of an electronic device within a box build, our UK factory and Offshore manufacturing partners allows us to satisfy a range of Electronic Manufacturing requirements.

Our capabilities include: Design and Production Engineering- Our experience within both Digital and Analogue disciplines allows us to offer assistance with embedded software and hardware development through to complete project management during the manufacture stage.

  • Printed Circuit Boards- From concept through to delivery we can offer Surface Mount Assembly (Single and Double sided including Ball Grid Arrays).
  • Convection re-flow.
  • Conventional Assemblies (including Batch and Flow line).
  • Wave and Hand soldering.
  • System Assembly.
  • Automatic Optical Inspection.
  • Programming Facilities.
  • Flexible Printed Circuits.
  • Component sourcing and procurement.
  • Full "kit" procurement and assembly.
  • Free Issue Assembly.
  • Sub Contract Manufacture.
  • In Circuit Test
  • Functional Test

Our electronic products can be supplied as a stand alone device or as part of a box build product encompassing combinations such as:

Membrane/Silicone Keypad mounted to a PCB. This can offer increased tracking options, improved robustness plus the option of increasing the capacity for mechanical fastenings and electronic components.

Fitted within an Enclosure and or Panel mounted as required. We can source these parts and supply box built (including chosen Keypad as above) and ready for fitting within final application.


Our dedicated Team can advise the most appropriate LCD for your product.

An overview of some of our LCD capabilities are listed below, however, our UK and Offshore manufacturing partners allow us to fulfil most LCD requirements.

Our manufacturing partners enable us to deliver a part or full turnkey service encompassing design and prototype through to production manufacture.

Our LCDs can be supplied as a stand alone item or as part of a project build.

Passive Glass LCD Panels

A standard catalogue or custom designed segmented display with optional icon panels with FPC connector tail, straight or curved pins or elastomer type connections.

Character and Graphic LCD Modules.

A standard catalogue or custom designed character and graphic modules with COB, COG or TAB driver technologies with optional LED, EL or CCFL backlighting (larger displays).

Viewing characteristics can be enhanced by incorporating the most suitable technologies including:

  • Twisted Nematic (TN)
  • Super Twisted Nematic (STN)- High contrast and wide angle viewing available with a range of background colours (e.g yellow/green with black characters, silver/grey with black characters, dark blue with white characters).
  • Film Super Twisted Nematic- Offers black and white STN with a very high contrast ratio for large graphic displays.

Further display options include:

  • Display: Positive or negative image.
  • Polarising: Reflective, Transflective and Transmissive.
  • View: From above (12 o'clock) or from below (6 o'clock).

These figures should be used as a general guide only and will vary according to design and product.

Enclosures and Mouldings

The Membrane Keyboard Company can design and supply a range of fabricated parts assembled complete to your user interface including:

  • Back Panels
  • Enclosures
  • Optical Filters
  • Hard Windows

These parts can be produced in a range of materials from plastics including Polycarbonate, Acrylic and PVC, through to metals such as Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steels. Other materials can be sourced from our extensive supply chain.

We can also help you achieve aesthetic and environmental factors including laser etching, powder coating, stamping, solvent, UV, impact, fire, RFI and EMC resistance.

Example product constructions include:

  • Membrane Keypad, Aluminium Back Panel fitted with Stand Offs,LCD cut out and radiused corners.
  • Powder coated Plastic Enclosure, reverse fitted Silicone Rubber Keypad, Membrane Keypad, Hard Window for LCD.
  • Laser etched and Machine cut Aluminium Panel, reverse fitted Aluminium Switches, Printed Circuit Board and LCD.

All descriptions should be taken as a typical guide only and will vary according to design and product. Furthermore some services may not be available for certain products.

Offshore Manufacture

With over a decade in partnership with some of the Far East’s premier manufacturers, The Membrane Keyboard Company can offer an unparalled level of service when dealing with Offshore supply.

We are firm believers that UK design is amongst the best in the world. By utilising our UK Design Team and coupled with our Offshore manufacturing partners, we will ensure you receive the best of both worlds for your user interface.

UK design through to the proof stage from our factory in Fareham, Hampshire.
Supply of Offshore produced samples prior to the volume manufacture of your product for approval.*
Offshore outbound inspection and functional test.
UK goods inwards inspection and functional test prior to final delivery.
Realistic lead times.
Project and Logistical management.

For high volume Offshore manufacturing, make The Membrane Keyboard Company your manufacturing partner.

*Supply of samples may not be available on certain products.

These figures should be used as a general guide only and will vary according to design and product.

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