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At PlasticBoxShop we specialise in the supply of plastic storage boxes, storage boxes and other plastic products. There are many different types of plastic boxes and we stock a huge range to cater for all. From a budget range for light duty use to extra strong heavy duty containers designed for long term and heavy use. The website has been designed with customers in mind and you’ll find it easy to use and navigate. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then, at PlasticBoxShop, we have years of experience in matching the needs of the customer to the product.

B2B Specialists - understanding your Business needs

At PlasticBoxShop we believe that making it easy for businesses is the key. You will be guided through the easy ordering process, from helping with the selection of your storage boxes choice, to competitive Quotation, to Pro-forma, to Delivery, to Invoice. We will also work closely with your business and ensure a smooth transaction. We appreciate that not everyone’s needs are the same and whether it’s delivery to multiple locations or arranging lettering on your boxes at PlasticBoxShop we believe in flexibility and a ‘can do’ attitude. If you need to order on a regular basis that’s not a problem, why not open an account and simply order using your purchase order system?

Purchase Orders - Easy Ordering for Education, NHS and Government Bodies

With years of experience in supplying Education Establishments, NHS and Government Organisations, at PlasticBoxShop we make it very easy. As long as you are within this bracket of organisations, the order can simply be faxed or emailed through to them with your purchase order number. There is no need to open an account we automatically do this for you. Your order will be despatched and your establishment invoiced. Fax number: 01609 779 118 email:

Buy General Purpose Storage Boxes - Domestic to Light Commercial Use

This range of storage boxes can vary in size between 150ml to a massive 160lt capacity. Most of boxes are UK manufactured and are designed for domestic to light commercial use. The plastic boxes in this range are a cost effective storage solution for your home or business needs. We offer solutions for archiving, warehouse picking, food storage and much more. If you are not sure about which box would suit your needs then we can offer an advice service to help you with your choice. Our work ethic is getting ‘the right storage box,for the right price, in the right place, at the right time for you’

Buy Heavy Duty Containers and Boxes

Buy heavy duty, attached lid containers and eurostacking containers from We are proud to have an extensive range of storage containers available for warehousing, distribution, retail and Industry use. The plastic boxes available within this range include attached lid containers, euro stacking containers and tote boxes and heavy duty crates. We can also supply a range of trolleys, dollies and security tags. The boxes in this category are very strong and are designed for heavy and repetitive use. They can hold more weight and can with stand being transported and heavy daily usage.

Buy Plastic Mops and Buckets to Recycling Bins

A business or organisation may not necessarily just need plastic boxes, and we have put together a range of other plastic products that offer a solution to most business needs. This range includes buckets, recycling boxes, cutlery drawers, plastic house wares, drawer units, plastic jugs, plastic bins, washing up bowls, tuff trugs, tool boxes, hobby boxes and gardening products. All of these products can be ordered in bulk quantity and easily delivered direct to your business, saving your organisation time and money.

Buy Snow Shovels and Plastics

With Winters once again turning cold, the demand for Winter plastic products has significantly increased. We are proud to have sourced some great and very cost effect products for our customers. Buy sledges, bum sledges, grit bins, mini grit bins and snow shovels. We are pleased this year to have an amazing value snow shovel! It is UK manufactured, good quality and a fantastic price. So get in early while stocks lasts.

Wholesale Pallet Deals - Offering cost effective solutions on bulk orders

Wholesale Pallet Deals - The plan is simple. The more storage boxes you buy the more cost effective it is. We can send you a sample for a small fee if you are unsure of your choice. We are happy to supply competitive quotes on large quantities of all our products. We will work with your company to get the service, quality, price and delivery you need.

Our Other Products - Diversity is the Spice of Life!

We promise an amazing range of products and we are constantly sourcing new and innovative plastic boxes and products. Here are a few of our other products:

  • Clip on Lid Storage Boxes - for when you want the lid to be extra secure
  • A full range of Tidy Baskets - great for pharmacies
  • Craft and Hobby Boxes - micro-organise your life
  • Food Boxes - for the home or catering establishment
  • Tool and DIY boxes - a comprehensive range of Tool Boxes to suit any budget
  • Recycling Boxes - All shapes and sizes for your home or organisation
  • Plastic Garden Chairs - ideal for functions and events

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