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Plastic sheet piling are extruded lengths of structural PVC, and in common with steel sheet piling they are used primarily to retain ground or exclude water.   Plastic sheet piling is extremely long lasting, very light to handle and in most applications provides an extremely aesthetic solution for retaining walls, landscaping features, water control applications, erosion control and environmental applications such as ditch locking for peat restoration, or management of flood plains for example the farming in floodplains project.

Applications are not exclusively riparian, we have had a great deal of success in land based retaining structures, THE Plastic Piling Company having the first and only plastic sheet piling system used on both the M1 and M6 motorways.

Quite topical now is the use of plastic sheet piling for flood management and flood prevention.  THE Plastic Piling Company products has been used for reinforcement of levees and embankments, control structures, elevation of flood walls, emergency repair of flood wall defences not to mention channel lining for efficient drainage.  More frequently our plastic piling products are used by residential customers to provide flood defences and flood barriers next to rivers and neighbouring elevated properties.

THE Plastic Piling Company are the first to offer plastic piling with its own in-built water seal! This new feature has been built in to their biggest selling MultiLock Product.

THE Plastic Piling Company is the leading authority on plastic sheet piling; particularly with regard to how these product are installed.  In conjunction with our sister Company, we can provide the very latest plastic sheet piling and pile driving equipment, such as excavator mounted vibrators, EMS mini powerpack vibrators, the Movax Lite ML15 side grip piling vibrator, and plastic piling mandrels.

We are constant innovators, combining the most advanced plastic sheet piling from world leading producers, with our own invention and design of piling equipment.  We have proven time and time again that we have the best products, and this is only possible through our constant innovation.

THE Plastic Piling Company were the first to introduce plastic sheet pile designs that did not copy traditional steel designs; these advanced sheet piling designs provide better performance in terms of installation and use.  These unique designs carry forward sheet pile design, beyond that of what can be accomplished with steel.

Offering plastic piling that is strong and rigid enough to be driven, is only part of the solution. One must also provide innovative methods and equipment to install these sheet piles. THE Plastic Piling Company are the UK agents for the innovative EMS Series vibrators.

Our focus has always been based around the concept that if it cannot be driven it is not a sheet pile, no matter how much it looks like one!

Check out our website on and check out our advanced range of plastic sheet piles, including the unique THE Plastic Piling Company System Hybrids.  These hybrids utilise our best selling MultiLock, ProLock and Truline with steel, timber and in the case of truline reinforced concrete

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