The Pontoon and Dock Company Ltd


The Pontoon & Dock Company supplies marine and marina equipment including:

  • Polyethylene floating pontoons and floating work platforms
  • Steel and wood floating pontoons
  • Dredge machines
  • Sublifts (slipway hoists)
  • Cradles, Cranes and Transporters
  • Mechanical boat lifts
  • Floating boat lift storage systems
  • A hoist for disabled sailors
  • Dock safety ladders.

We also offer a range of marine and marina support services. We hire floating pontoons and offer a dredge consultancy and hire service.
The Pontoon & Dock Company represents several large marine equipment manufacturers:

  • Dock Marine Systems
  • Varis Engineering Ltd
  • Innovative Material Systems (IMS)
  • Sublift AB
  • Brownell Boat Stands
  • Golden Boat Lifts Inc.
  • AirBerth Marketing Pty Ltd
  • Scandia Marine Products

The Pontoon & Dock Company is a member of the British Marine Federation and The Yacht Harbour Association Ltd.

Pontoon Hire

The Pontoon & Dock Company are pleased to be able to offer a floating dock, floating pontoon and floating work platform hire service.

We can construct pontoons of almost any shape or size, to deliver them to site and install them. This provides marinas, rowing clubs, canoe clubs and sailing clubs the opportunity to have a very professional and attractive pontoon system on-site for any special event. We can also liaise with event companies to organise floating pontoon systems for your event. The dragon boat racing company Race the Dragon works with us in this way.

Hire charges are reasonable and our helpful staff will work with you to set up just what you need for your event.

Floating Pontoons

On our website see a photo gallery of floating dock, floating pontoon and floating work platform installations.

RotoDock Floating Pontoons
RotoDock is the answer for almost all lake, bay, marina and river applications. The RotoDock system is as varied and versatile as the waterways to which it provides access. From commercial functions to personal and recreational uses, its modular design and easy-to-use storage and launching components allow you to create the ideal floating dock or floating platform for your needs and environment. You can even add to your floating dock later should your needs change.

Varis Engineering Floating Pontoons
The Pontoon & Dock Company sells floating pontoons and fingers designed and manufactured by Varis Engineering Ltd. Varis Engineering’s floating pontoons would work in many locations. They’re ideal for a marina. They can also be used as a boat launch or a fishing pier. They can act as a walkway across marshland.

Jet Ski Port

Pontoon and Dock is proud to announce its launch of the Rotoport drive on jet ski port. In a market that is dominated by cube systems and inferior solid plastic moulded single unit systems, we are pleased to be able to provide a superb PWC port at a very reasonable price.

The Rotoport can be used as a standalone system, simply moored using poles or brackets. Or can be joined together to form rafts. They can be used in areas of marinas where the water dries out, increasing the revenue stream for the marina.

Dredge Machines

The self-propelled transportable dredge Versi-Dredge is the only self-propelled dredge on the market. It is easy to manoeuvre and easily transportable. It means you can:

  • work in areas that would be difficult to access with a spud or cable dredge
  • move from one area to the next quickly and easily
  • stop having to close parts of the marina or dismantle moorings.

The Versi-Dredge’s primary use is in dredging marinas, lakes and rivers, where its use can help to alleviate flooding. However, this dredge can also be used to tackle projects in many other environments.

The new IMS DM-50 dredge is designed to dredge to depths of 50ft (approx 16.8m). Using experienced gained with their 7012 model, IMS has now produced a very cost effective dredger which will carry out the work of much larger and more expensive dredgers. This unit is ideal for use in harbours and can be road transported from location to location.

Sublift Slipway Lift

Sublift is a remote-controlled semi-submersible self-propelled boat handling system and is the only slipway lift you need to efficiently launch, lift and position boats up to 300 tonnes.

Until now, Sublift slipway lifts were available in 12, 25 and 40 ton models. But now Sublift has launched a new series of semi-submersible boat hoists. With a capacity from 75 - 300 ton it means we can deliver an efficient and profitable solution for yards that handle vessels of such sizes.

Yacht Cranes, Cradles and Transporters

Reassuringly sturdy, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing solutions

Vermeer Marine Techniek manufactures and supplies yacht cranes, cradles and transporters to yacht clubs, marinas and harbours worldwide. Tried and tested hydraulic technology powers its cranes and transporters. Together, they offer a complete solution for yacht lifting, movement and storage.

Boat Lifts

Because boat lifts keep boats out of the water, electrolysis and osmosis is minimised. Anti-foul becomes unnecessary too. As well as reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance, increasing the boat’s life span and protecting investment.

Yacht Stands

  • Solid construction
  • Wide variety and adjustability
  • Available with flat top with 18 degree swivel or v-top for bow support
  • Solid steel acme threaded centre rod for smooth adjustment under load
  • Can be nested for convenient storage
  • Available in hot-dip galvanised finish

Hoist for Disabled Sailors and Safety Ladder

The Hereford Hoist is a wheelchair hoist designed specifically to lift wheelchair users in and out of boats.

Dock ladder and marina ladder designed specifically as a stationary safety ladder. It provides a safe, secure exit from the water for "accidental" swimmers when deployed in around slips, gas docks and other dock areas.

Made with all stainless steel components for use in salt and fresh water, the safety ladder has been tested to support 1000 lbs.

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