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The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Co was established nearly 10 years to help the ever increasing number of older people to utilise their experience, skills and energy and find meaningful and stimulating employment. We want to make sure that this severely under-utilised resource is recognised for the extraordinary value and opportunity that it represents and bring humanity back into the face-less and commoditised world of recruitment. The Company has firmly established itself as the leader in its field and is now expanding rapidly it's business model throughout the British Isles and shortly also across continental Europe. Although we have taditionally focussed on the over 60s we have considerable expertise in finding jobs for people over the age of 50 as well and more generally, people of all ages!

The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Co. was established to do exactly what its name suggests:to recognise people's value, to care about finding suitable and stimulating work for older men and women – highly experienced men and women anxious to pass on their values, knowledge and abilities.

We offer a range of services to our clients and partners and are happy to discuss bespoke requests:

  • Traditional executive search and recruitment
  • Finding and vetting teams of employees
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Sales teams
  • Finding additional staff for busy periods of the year e.g. Christmas

We offer a similarly wide range of services to our candidates including 60+ Club Membership with an interactive forum, live job offers, advice and access to potential employers. Our database effectively filters our member's experience, skills and specialisations to help find:

  • Full time positions
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Interim positions
  • Coaching and mentoring positions
  • Non-executive director and Trustee appointments
  • Part-time and casual employment 
  • Volunteer work in the social impact sector

The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company provides:-

First and Foremost – a competitively-priced, professional, personal and efficient service.

  • A company emphasising and marketing the values of older employees.
  • A service focused upon senior professionals seeking employment, Full/Part-time, Contract, Short-Term Assignment or Locum.
  • A pro-active organisation that will explore appropriate job opportunities in depth, understand employers’ needs and do all it can to promote the end of ageism in the workplace.
  • A professional ‘been there - done that’ empathetic conduit for introducing those ‘willing and wanting’ to those with suitable ‘positions vacant’
  • An understanding ‘same generation’ ethical service, a ‘brokerage’ which aims to present and place mature potential employees directly and accurately to a similarly considerate employer alliance.
  • A facility for updating and educating prospective employers about a wasted and under-used resource. The law allows positive action to promote age diversity.
  • A communtiy to facilitate communication and knowledge transfer to all members of the TRC60+RC ‘family’

...and to put a bit of warmth and fun into the serious business of job hunting and staff finding.

The Really Caring 60+ Recruitment Company provides:-

Our Clients and Partners

There are very few industries that would not benefit from employing our candidates and as we spread the word, more and more companies are coming to realise this. We look to form long-term relationships with our client companies and partners based on a real understanding of their needs and a willingness to go the extra mile to find the right person.  This is a list of some of the industries that we have successfully found staff for:

  • IT
Our Clients and Partners

Success Stories

“I think the 'over 60' service you have set up is excellent. There are many experienced, skilled and enthusiastic people out there that have much to offer businesses and organisations such as ours, and I am delighted that we have had a number of candidates join us through your agency. They bring a wealth of ideas and commitment and not surprising to me they have a flexible attitude, a lot of energy, a willingness to take on extra responsibilities and an excellent attendance record.”

– John Ashelford, CEO Hospice in the Weald

“It has been nothing but a good experience doing business with TRCRC.

Brian is responsive to our needs and has taken the angst out of recruitment. He is prepared to do a deal, and has made the process of recruitment affordable, which is so important for charities like Spadework who are working on limited budgets.

Well-done and best wishes for the future success of TRCRC”.

Norman Davidson, General Manager, Spadework

“My experience with normal recruitment agencies was not particularly good. TRCRC seemed different, they were positive, helpful and offered good candidates and an excellent service. A great idea, well done Brian Kent!"

– Tony Smith, CEO Muffett Gears

Success Stories

Examples of some of the people that we have pleasure to represent

Mike is a writer, producer, filmmaker and photographer with extensive experience in working for companies, charities and government agencies. He has managed large and small teams and can work with a team or on his own. He can work through his own small company or on freelance contracts. Mike has worked extensively overseas most recently in Bangladesh for the BBC World Service Trust.

Mike can help with a number of tasks faced by businesses and other organisations

Reliable, hands-on Senior Management Executive with 30 years experience in Manufacturing, Education, Financial Services and International Branded Software. A dedicated organisational, personnel and administrative/finance problem solver. Consistent track record in delivery of accurate and fast accounts, expenditure performance and budget analysis & monitoring, trade mark protection, legal co-ordination, distribution and key-account sales contracts (including International). Along with Seminar presentation skills, all are included within an excellent ability to communicate at all levels, particularly within SME's.

Willing and able to undertake part time or project delivery at any level.

An investment professional with long experience of forming strategy and taking decisions at a senior executive level in the pensions and insurance industries and liaising with pension fund trustees and their consultants.

Thomas, an Honours Graduate with expertise accumulated from Fund Management and responsibilities as Investment Director, CEO, CIO and Partner, enjoys Classical and Jazz music, literature and travel.

Examples of some of the people that we have pleasure to represent

Brian Kent's TED talk video

Please watch our video where Brian Kent speaks to a TEDx audience in Royal Tunbridge Wells about why the over 60s have so much to offer.

Please watch the video by clicking HERE


Brian Kent's TED talk video

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