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The Safety Letterbox Company are the UK’s Leading Mailbox Designer and Manufacturer for both individual and commercial users.

We have a range of over 120 different mailboxes including through the wall post boxes, door entry systems and wall mounted mailboxes that are available in a variety of colours, styles and prices.

The Secured by Design initiative has gained momentum in recent years to help protect both property and people, and as such, we now have a variety of mailboxes that adhere to the Secured by Design New Homes Guide 2010.

We have also created a range of fire rated mailboxes that conform to BS476 Part 22 (to one hour integrity only) and number of mailboxes that adhere to the Part 6 & 7 of this British Standard.


We manufacture over 120 models of mailboxes to suit any budget, style and location. Suitable for single or large banking arrangements to suit all applications. For apartment developments, housing associations, colleges/ universities, commercial installations and postal authorities. Full autocad service available to accompany all quotes.

We have Mailbox options to suit any kind of business which include:  

  • In Front/Out Front Vertical
  • In Front/Out Front Horizontal
  • In Front/Out Back
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Fire Rated
  • Bespoke
  • Mailrooms / Post offices
  • Accessories
  • Finishes & Identification

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Commercial Products - In Front/Out Front Vertical

 Perfect for small corridors, narrow walkways or fire exits where space is limited as the unit does not protrude far from the wall (135mm or less).

These units can also be recessed into the wall but are unsuitable for a space where large quantities are needed and surface area is limited.

Because this product is tall and slim there is an automatic preferred limit of three to the number of units that can be comfortably used vertically. As a rule of thumb the top of the top box should not exceed 1750mm from FFL, and the bottom of the bottom box should be no lower than 500mm.  

Commercial Products - In Front/Out Front Vertical

The working height then will be 1250mm, therefore a full sized product will only allow 3 units in the height, equalling equivalent to 9 units per m².

This range is devoted to a variety of mailboxes where the mail is delivered and retrieved through the front face. Where mail is delivered into a mailbox which holds the mail vertically i.e tall and slim.

Commercial Products - In Front/Out Front Horizontal

Where mail is delivered into a mailbox which holds the mail horizontally i.e. short and deep.

An ideal solution when a large number of units are required in a small surface area, but not suitable for narrow walkways or corridors as the units will protrude from the wall, unless they are recessed.

Commercial Products - In Front/Out Front Horizontal

Example solution

If the top of the box was at 1750mm above FFL, and the bottom of the bottom was fixed at 500mm above FFL, the working height of 1250mm could accommodate upto 12 units vertically depending on the product selected from this range. Equalling equivalent to 36 units per metre squared.

Free Standing Mailboxes, Postboxes and Letterboxes

The Safety Letter Box Company offer a wide range of free standing mailboxes which are designed to the highest standard and can specific to your business, our free standing units can be retrospectively, internally or externally sited to suit customer requirements.

We are the only UK manufacturer of mailbox solutions to suit contract, development and architectural specifications.

To view our full range of products then please visit our website or contact us on details below.

Free Standing Mailboxes, Postboxes and Letterboxes

Wall Recessed MailBoxes, Postboxes and Letterboxes

We manufacture over 120 different letterbox models, giving you an unbeatable selection of high-quality mailboxes to choose from. Choice is, of course, a desirable quality for any business to be able to offer its customers, and we take immense pleasure in knowing that we can. We aim to provide you with the perfect mail box to suit your needs.

Wall Recessed MailBoxes, Postboxes and Letterboxes

Bespoke - Mailbox Solutions

We at the Safety Letterbox Company pride ourselves in being able to adapt our standard mailbox range to suit a specific site design.

We are willing to take on architects style requirements with our manufacturing capabilities to produce considered and visually appealing products.

Please ask our sales team to discuss your individual requirements. We will be happy to talk through and enhance your vision. All our designs will come with AutoCAD drawings and can be priced to suit the available budgets.

Bespoke features completed previously include:
Introduction of timber into mailbox bank. This can be done by inserting shelves between the mailbox rows, or by cladding the mailbox sides to provide a beautiful crafted look.
Introduction of lighting boxes into mailbox bank. We use a range of low voltage LED lighting kits to provide a sympathetic glow to the postbox area.
Introduction of multicolour's to provide a focal point, which can also be used to distinguish differing blocks on large mailroom installations.
Introduction of stainless steel to create clean lines. * Introduction of curves to follow existing radii.

Bespoke - Mailbox Solutions

Wall Mounted Mailboxes, Postboxes and Letterboxes

Here at the Safety Letterbox Company we offer a comprehensive range of Wall Mounted Postboxes, Letterboxes and Mailboxes....

Fire Rated Mailboxes

The Safety Letterbox Company in association with the Fire Research Laboratory worked together to create a range of 1 hour fire rated (integrity only) mailboxes.

Particularly suitable when mailboxes can only be positioned within a designated fire escape route or banked in a post room which must be fire rated.

The products in this section were required to satisfy the integrity criteria given in BS476 Part 22 1987 Clause 8 for a period of 60 minutes.

In addition to the above, the mailboxes can be further enhanced by applying a finish which would conform to London Underground surface spread of flame requirement BS476 Part 6 & 7

Fire Rated Mailboxes

Letter Boxes - Flap Lock

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) there are three distinct crime risks associated with letterflaps in doors.

Fishing (theft via a letterflap), Lock manipulation (the ability to open the lock via the letterflap), and Arson (a firework or flammable liquid poured through the letterflap).

There are continually shocking stories in the news of people living in fear of these crimes.

We were approached by an Arson task force in the UK to produce a solution. We now have 3 options – FlapLock™ 1, for domestic/ private use, FlapLock™ 2, a heavier duty tested Secured by Design approved product, and Homeguard, a long established product of ours used to fit at the rear of a front door to contain mail and fire. All manufactured in the UK.

Letter Boxes - Flap Lock

Individual Mailboxes and Letterboxes

The all new, British-made, secure letterboxes are lockable, A4 in size, and can be fixed to a wall or post to keep your mail safe, secure and dry.


These secure letterboxes have been carefully designed with every element considered, ensuring that our A4 letterboxes are the best in their class. The letterboxes are manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10142 / 10143 then polyester powder coated to a depth of 75/100 microns and sample tested to 1,200 hours salt-water spray.

Our standard British Letterboxes are available in red, white, blue, black and grey.


Individual Mailboxes and Letterboxes

Domestic Products - Individual Mailboxes

Stainless steel

We also sell Stainless Steel versions of our letterboxes

Each of our letterboxes is fitted with a disc tumbler lock as standard – alloy die cast, bright chrome finish supplied with two keys per lock with up to 2000 key differs. These British-made high quality letterboxes are ideal for surface mounting to accept A4 mail. Their durable polyester powder coated finish is available in 5 colours along with two additional stainless steel options.

Each Letterbox comes complete with fixings, drilling template and fitting instructions. The letterboxes come complete with self-adhesive name case.

Letterbox Guarantee: All our letterboxes come with a full money back guarantee if returned in their original condition within 14 days.


Domestic Products - Individual Mailboxes

Finishes & Identification

Name Badges

Name badges are a one piece flip open weatherproof name card holder. They are supplied if alternative methods of engraving vinyl numbers/letters or our distinctive yellow and white name strip are not available or desired.


With our in-house CNC engraving facility, numbering and lettering in a wide range of fonts and sizes infilled in a variety of colours is available.

Mailbox flaps, bridges and doors can be engraved or additional nameplates can be incorporated in mailbox assemblies – all to individual customer requirements. Complexity of detail required is no bar to engraving, and anything that can be drawn can be faithfully reproduced.


As a flexible alternative to identify names and numbers, logos and images. We can produce anything you require with this medium available at an additional but realistic cost.

Amazing colours, textures and styles – incorporate your company brand by using self coloured films and printed graphics.

Finishes & Identification

Our Clients...

We deal with a vast client list which includes:

  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Architects
  • Postal authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Government buildings
  • Police and Fire Authorities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Commercial properties
  • Garages/ car rentals
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Private residences

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your enquiry we will be more then happy to help.

Our Clients...

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