The Seal Company

The Seal Company can supply Fridge Door Seals and Freezer Door Seals for virtually any Commercial Fridge or Freezer in use today.

Our Stock range is made up of the most common types of seal profile found on commercial equipment.

We supply only high quality seals and typically turn around our orders in 2-3 days.

We specialise in all fridge/freezer seals both bespoke unbranded and branded. If you can measure we can supply. We encourage engineers to ask for quotes for all of their seal needs because we are usually cheaper than the manufacturers.  

Our website lists all the stock profiles we supply as well as the full range of less common profiles which we can obtain at very competitive rates.

Fridge and Freezer Seals

How can we be so competitive on price ?

We buy large volumes of seal profile, from the most competitive suppliers

We manufacture the majority of our seals ourselves - in the UK

We have a lean and efficient business, which keeps our overheads low, allowing us to offer savings to you - our customer.


Benefits of working with us!

You can get all your seals from one place- we are a one stop shop for all seals

We only use high quality, European sourced, raw materials

We Manufacture in the UK - and can typically ship within 3 days

Our seals last longer in normal use than many of our competitors - who source cheaper raw materials from China

We stock more than 30 of the most commonly used seal profiles

We can make virtually any size of door seal required

We have a Proven process to ensure that you get the right profile

We offer guidance and advice to help you ensure you measure correctly

You can replace seals even on obsolete equipment

Seal / Gasket Profile Types

Commercial Fridges and Freezer seals usually have a DART type fixing mechanism. The dart can vary in size, location and shape, so care needs to be taken in looking for the best possible match. You can do this simply by cutting the old seal in half- and comparing the profile shape and size to the DART types shown on our website-

Many commercial fridge and freezer seals have a magnet inserted inside them which enables the door to be held firmly closed, creating a good seal around the door.

All of these seals can be made up in any size with the corners machine mitred and heat welded for strength.


Seal / Gasket Profile Types


Many commercial fridges and freezers use a FLAP type fitting with the flap on the seal retained behind a plate or a plastic strip and secured with screws. We have several sizes in our stock range, which can be viewed on our website.

All of these seals can be made up in any size with the corners machine mitred and heat welded for strength.


How to Measure a FLAP type seal

When measuring for a FLAP type seal- measure from the outside edge to the outside edge of each side of the seal.


How to Measure a FLAP type seal

How to measure a DART type seal

When measuring for a DART type seal- remove the old seal and measure from the groove that runs around the door of the fridge or freezer. Measure from the centre of the groove, across the door = width. Top to bottom of the door= height.

How to measure a DART type seal

Compression Type Seals

A Compression Type seal is used on commercial fridges and freezers which have a lock or catch that keeps the door securely closed, so there is no need for a magnet. We have several sizes of compression seal in our stock range to choose from. All of these seals can be made up in any size with the corners machine mitred and heat welded for strength.

Compression Type Seals

Cold Room Door Seals

Many Cold Room door seals are fitted with a Rubber seal. Seals made from Rubber cannot be welded and the profiles are sold by the length. They are retained on to the door with a retaining strip and screwed into place.

Alternatively there are many Cold Room door seals which have a seal made in a PVC material which can be welded. So please check. Call to ask for helpful advice if required.

Cold Room Door Seals

Compare our Prices!

For an example of our range see below: You could save up to 60%

  • Willams H10CT- Williams price £42.00- Our price £25.00
  • IARP ABX500- Manufacture's price £54.12-Our price £39.50
  • GRAM K400RU- Manufacturer's price £49.80- Our price £39.50

Helpful Video Instructions

To make sure that you get the process right we have a selection of short video's on our website- which give clear and helpful advice on measuring, identifying your seals and also how to fit them.

Expert Advice on the Phone

Call our expert sales line for friendly, helpful service and to receive your quote.

01379 788221

Alternatively email us at and we will respond promptly.


To conserve energy all Cold Rooms should ideally be fitted with a PVC Strip Curtain. The Seal Company can supply these at competetive rates.

We can also supply strip curtains for Deli- Counters and Dairy Chillers.

The strips come fitted with a Hook and Rail system which makes fitting very simple.
Simply measure the opening of the door, and contact us. We will be happy to provide a quote.


Quite often Cold Room doors do not have the seal fitted along the bottom edge, but instead have a strip of strong, wide rubber, cut to size and fitted to a bracket. The Seal Company can also supply these so please contact us with the length and depth of the sweeper which you require.

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