The Solder Connection Ltd

Founded in 1989, Solder Connection has become one of the UK and Irelands foremost technical supplier of soldering materials for both the Electronic and Industrial sectors. Today we are the UK and Irelands sole supplier of Alpha Assemblies, distributing their range of solder paste, alloys, wire and fluxes, alongside their Tetrabond frameless stencils manufactured directly to the customers instruction.

We also have other established partnerships with brands such as Metcal, providing their unique soldering systems to offer customers high quality solutions; BOFA International a highly successful British company within the field of fume and dust handling, Electrolube, a leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals used in the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic components and assemblies, and SolderStar producers of thermal profiling equipment for electronic assembly.

We boast a fully integrated management system comprising of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHOA 18001 and 24/7 technical support.

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  1. A8 Stainless Steel Flux

    A8 Stainless Steel Flux
    A8 is a unique blend of chemicals developed to enable efficient soft soldering to metals such as stainless steels. These metals are difficult to solder due to the tough chromic oxide layer, which is present on the surface of the steel alloys. The free acid within A8 flux removes these oxides, thus producing a clean surface for the solder to wet.

    Features and Benefits:
    - High activity Flux allows for easy soft soldering to stainless steels.
    - Water soluble residues creates easy post soldering cleaning.
    - Used to solder all stainless steels and particularly successful with 18/8 (302-304), 321S16, S80, Stellite.
    - Suitable for use on zinc. If trying to solder to galvanised steel, care should be taken not to allow the A8 to etch the zinc from the steel surface. Surface corrosion will be more likely if this is allowed to happen.
    - Ideal for use with various solder alloy grades, A8 works particularly with Sn60 Pb40 solder(ISO 9453, Alloy No.2). If the joint has to be lead free, then CEAMG's Sn99 Cu1 g
  2. Alpha CVP390 Lead Free Solder Paste

    Alpha CVP390 Lead Free Solder Paste
    ALPHA CVP-390 is a lead-free, Zero-halogen no-clean solder paste designed for applications where residue with excellent pin testing property and ability to pass JIS Copper Corrosion test are required.

    This product is also designed to enable consistent fine pitch printing capability, down to 180?m circle printed with 100?m thickness stencil. Its excellent print volume deposit repeatability also provides value by reducing defects associated with print process variability.

    Additionally, ALPHA CVP-390 achieves IPC7095 Class III voiding performance.

    J-STD Classification = ROLO
    Shelf Life is 6 months when stored under refrigerated conditions from date of manufacture.
  3. Alpha CVP520 Low Temperature Lead Free Solder Paste

    Alpha CVP520 Low Temperature Lead Free Solder Paste
    ALPHA CVP-520 is designed to enable low temperature surface mount assembly technology. The lead-free alloy in ALPHA CVP-520 has a melting point below 140°C, and has been successfully used with peak reflow profiles between 155°C and 190°C. The flux residue from ALPHA CVP-520 is clear, colourless, and provides excellent electrical resistivity, exceeding industry standards.

    This product enables the elimination of an extra wave or selective wave soldering process when temperature sensitive through hole components are used in an assembly. Eliminating a wave soldering or selective soldering step can significantly lower the cost of producing an electronic assembly, increase daily throughput, eliminate the need for managing bar solder and wave soldering flux supplies and eliminate the need for pallets.

    The Sn/Bi/Ag alloy in ALPHA CVP-520 was selected to give the lowest melting point, lowest pasty range during melting and re-solidification, along with a very fine grain structure, offering maximum resistance to thermal cycle based fatigue. The alloy also yields very low voiding BGA solder joints, even when a traditional SAC alloy sphere is used.

    J-STD Classification = ROLO
    Shelf Life is 6 months when stored under refrigerated conditions from date of manufacture.
  4. Alpha EF-6100 Wave & Selective Soldering Flux

    Alpha EF-6100 Wave & Selective Soldering Flux
    ALPHA EF-6100 is a high-reliability, IPC, Bellcore, and JIS compliant, low solids, no-clean flux. Giving a wide thermal process window ideal for lead-free wave soldering applications. Excellent choice for your remaining tin-lead production lines. ALPHA EF-6100 is formulated with a proprietary mixture of organic activators to give more thermal stability, thereby reducing the occurrence of solder bridging during lead-free dual wave soldering.

    As standard this product is stocked in 10 litre containers. We can on request supply 5L or 1L containers to suit your application.

    Please contact us if you are looking for a sample to evaluate.
    This product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.Classified J Standard 0RL0
    UN No. 1993
    Class 3
    Packaging Group II
  5. Alpha OM340 Lead Free Solder Paste

    Alpha OM340 Lead Free Solder Paste
    OM340 is the very latest Halogen Free particle size 4 solder paste offering repeatable ultra-fine print capability. Excellent low reside cosmetic appearance after reflow. The residues remain soft so should offer you the option to clean easier than other no clean pastes on the market today.

    IPC has classified OM340 solder paste as Class lll for low voiding and provides best in class low defect rate for Head in Pillow defectswith excellent first pass yield on ICT Pin Testing.

    J-STD Classification = ROLO
    Shelf Life is 6 months when stored under refrigerated conditions from date of manufacture.
  6. Alpha Reliacore 15 63/37 SnPb Solder Wire

    Alpha Reliacore 15 63/37 SnPb Solder Wire
    Designed specifically to meet military and aerospace requirements, Reliacore 15 has excellent solderability with high insulation values if the residues are left on. Cleaning is optional but can be carried out using solvent or semi aqueous solutions.

    It is also suitable for those commercial electronic operations that are modelled after military specifications. Some of these include computer, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, business machines and entertainment applications.

    This solder wire has a shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture.

    Classification RMA to: J-STD-004- ROL1
    IPC-SF-818 L3NC
    QPL listed 571-28-89-RMA
  7. Alpha Tape & Reel Solder Preforms

    Alpha Tape & Reel Solder Preforms
    Alpha Exactalloy Tape & Reel Solder Preforms enable your ability to selectively increase solder volume using standard assembly placement equipment, and improve your PCB's first pass yield, time to market, and product reliability.

    Eliminate Wave Solderin
    Many connectors and through hole devices are now available as reflow capable, which enables the reflow soldering of these devices, thus eliminating wave soldering. 100% hole fill is routinely achieved with a wide variety of pin and hole ratios, even for thick PCBs.

    SMT Assembly
    Preforms complement printed solder paste to provide adequate solder volume. Eliminate pin shorts, inadequate hole fill, and the cost of wave soldering!

    Typically these preforms are supplied in reel format 3000 to 5000 per reel.Simply add your preforms in sequence with the rest of your components and reflow in the normal way.
  8. Alpha Telecore HF-850 Fluxed Cored Solder Wire

    Alpha Telecore HF-850 Fluxed Cored Solder Wire
    ALPHA Telecore HF-850 is the fastest wetting and lowest spattering, Halogen Free and Halide Free cored wire offering from ALPHA. It performs admirably when benchmarked against Halogen and Halide containing competitive products available in the market and is a viable option to meet environmental requirements.

    Features and Benefits:
    - Very fast wetting - Excellent for component touch-up operations and manual assembly
    - Very low flux spatter - Safe to use, Operator Friendly, Less Residues on boards
    - Good spread characteristics - Excellent First Pass Solder Joints. Spread ability per JIS is ? 80%.
    - Very low levels of fumes - Cleaner Working Environment, Less Extraction maintenance
    - Clear non-tacky residue - No-Clean Residues, Useful for all applications
    - Provides good joint appearance - Makes Inspection easy
    - Halogen and Halide Free - Environmental compliance.

    J-STD Classification = ROLO
    This product has a shelf life of 36 months from the date of manufacture.
  9. Alpha TetraBond™ Frameless Stencil Foils

    Alpha TetraBond™ Frameless Stencil Foils
    Alpha® TetraBond™, taking frameless stencil foil technology to a new level

    TetraBond™ foils have been developed to enhance the rigidity of the foil, making safe mounting and demounting an easier proposition. Improved rigidity extends the longevity of the foil by preventing deflection during handling and storage.

    Innovatively encompassed in a thin, one piece aluminum extrusion, TetraBond™ stencil foils exhibit outstanding rigidity while being both easier and safer to handle.

    With no mounting apertures in the foil, the tensioning pressures are applied and distributed evenly from all four sides of the mounting frame.

    Features and Benefits:

    - Accurate
    - Safe
    - Rigid
    - Easy to use
    - Durable
    - Space efficient
    - Simple elegant design
  10. Alpha VACULOY Lead Free SAC305 Solder Alloy

    Alpha VACULOY Lead Free SAC305 Solder Alloy
    Alpha Vaculoy SAC305 lead-free alloy is ideally suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 leaded alloy. This alloy offers fast wetting typically 0.65 seconds and higher process yields than can be expected with Tin/Copper Alloys.

    This alloy will give you excellent solderability, reduced potential for bridging between high density components and works well with all common fluxes in use today including VOC Free.

    As with all Alpha Metals solder alloys, Alpha's proprietary Vaculoy® alloying process is used to remove certain impurities, particularly oxides from solder. This is extremely important because included oxides generate excessive drossing levels and increase the viscosity of the solder.

    Recommended solder pot temperatures are between 255°C and 265°C.