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At The UPS Co, we are home to a diverse selection of cutting edge UPS hardware and systems, providing our customers with the most effective power protection solutions. We offer each of our customers the complete package with manufacturing, supplying and installing each system to exact your requirements.

Our systems include plug and play to single phase 1KVA units, through to three/three 3MVA units making us home to the most comprehensive selection of UPS systems for domestic, industrial and manufacturing industries. Along with our UPS systems we also provide specialist emergency lighting, for a scalable power protection solution.

UPS Maintenance

We offer a full UPS maintenance plan that is tailored to your particular requirements, making our packages some of the best in the industry. All our UPS maintenance plans ensure you are getting a cost effective and comprehensive solution, which ensures your systems continue to run reliability at all times.

To maximise your UPS systems all our service plans are flexible, providing various levels of cover guaranteeing you the right risk cover and costs for you. The benefits of our systems include fixed prices with no unscheduled surprises, bespoke contracts ensuring you only pay for what you need, along with 24/7 support by our skilled engineers.

UPS Generators

Whilst many power protection providers are tied to a single manufacture, The UPS Co are completely independent sourcing our UPS generators from some of the world’s top manufacturers. This means we are able to provide you with the most suitable UPS generators, which matches your exact requirements to budget.

All our UPS generators will always be sourced to provide best fit solutions, without compromising on quality. Meaning we don’t just simple supply generators but offer our customers comprehensive solutions that are suitable for a variety of situations. Combined with our many years of experience, whether it’s for full industrial applications or residential use, we have you covered.

UPS Monitoring

Our UPS monitoring is ideal for all makes and manufactures of both generators, off grid power systems and including most UPS systems. How our UPS monitoring works is my providing instant alerts via email and text, with 24 hour, 365 days a year coverage with total customisation to suit what levels of coverage suit your requirements.

The types of things UPS monitoring spots includes, low battery, mains failure, system temperature and overload, which our systems can generate automatic engineer notifications to highlight these faults if and when they occur.

UPS Site Surveys

We know at The UPS Co that the installation process is as important as the selection of the correct power protection solution. So we provide UPS site surveys ensuring you get the correct installation, with one of our technical survey engineer’s conducting a thorough survey, addressing any issues prior to installation. Our UPS site surveys are beneficial by ensuring you endure no un expected costs, with providing our customers with an accurate quotation for labour and materials, as well as a risk assessment.

Customised UPS Units

At The UPS Co in addition to our high quality mainline UPS systems, we also include bespoke customised units. Our customised units are suitable for a whole range of industries, these include:

  • Marine UPS Systems
  • DC Power Supply units
  • Rectifiers
  • Inverters
  • Military UPS
  • Frequency Converters
  • Power Conditioners.

For more information on any of our systems please contact us.

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