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The Walsall Box is a quality supplier of Die Cut Cartons and have been established since 1926. We always put the customers needs first and make sure when you make and enquiry that meet your requirements on time and on budget with a top quality product. Please visit our website or call us today for any further information.

Cardboard cartons

We have over 50 sizes of solid board cartons available from stock.

We also offer bespoke printed and plain cardboard cartons, Folding cartons, pillow packs and self make up cartons manufactured to your exact requirements.

We offer a huge variety of different styles of boxes including fold flat, tuck in end cartons, crash lock, envelope type base boxes etc.

Presentation Boxes

We manufacture Presentation and Gift boxes in a wide variety of styles and colours.

In addition, the look of the box can be enhanced by one or all of the following:-

  • Foil embossed logo or name.
  • Fitted platform or foam inserts.
  • Satin lining

Rigid Stitched Boxes

Rigid boxes with lift off lids are wire stitched in the corners to form an extremely strong and functional box. An additional crease can be made in the corners if required so that the box can be stored flat.

We also make stitched folding boxes which are supplied flat.

Folding Cartons

We offer three different styles of cartons direct from stock: - lock end cartons, long tuck cartons and tuck in end cartons.

Lock end cartons - the flaps at either end of the carton tuck into a slot to ensure a very secure fit. They are ideal for holding loose items when it is important that the ends of the box are well secured.

Long Tuck cartons - A carton with a strengthened base ideal for heavier items.

Tuck in end cartons - A more conventional carton suitable for a variety of different uses.

This range of cartons is one of our specialities hence we hold in stock a wide variety of sizes of each style of carton. All are available in low volumes (if required), at a very reasonable price with very quick delivery times available.

Die Cut Boxes

Bespoke printed and plain cardboard cartons, pillow packs and self make up cartons.

Cartons are produced using Die-cutting methods and machinery which stamp out boxes at very high speed; this enables us to produce boxes in a very cost effective way whilst still ensuring a very high standard. Ideal for larger production runs of 1000 boxes and upwards.

They are a great way for packaging almost any product. They can look as simple or as decorative as you like. They can be left plain with just the finish of the board or printed with up to 5 colours.

Our design office will discuss your requirements for the box and arrange for the finished boxes to be printed to your own specification.

We offer a huge variety of different styles of boxes including fold flat, crash lock, envelope type base boxes etc.

Removal Boxes

House moving and storage boxes made in a variety of sizes.

Available direct from the factory our house moving boxes can be bought as a house moving kit or in quantities and sizes to suit your exact requirements via our mix and match option.

Packaging Material

Packaging Tape and Shrink Wrap -

We aim to cater for all your packaging needs.

In addition to Boxes we also stock high quality tape and shrink wrap - No additional deilvery charge if delivery with your next supply of Boxes.

Retail Packaging

We are quality suppliers of retail packaging materials. Please visit our website or give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Packaging Manufacturers

We are a trusted and long standing manufacturer of materials for packaging. Please visit our website to see our full product range, or give us a call today to see how we can provide a solution for your packaging problem.

Presentation and Gift Boxes Wholesale

We are a manufacturer of presentation and gift boxes for wholesale to a variety of different industries. The gift and presentation boxes differ from other boxes as they are covered in finishing paper sometimes being referred to as 'covered boxes'. The finishing paper is also available in a variety of colours and textures. in additon to this we can even provide an foil embossed logo or name or we can customise using foam inserts or a platform.

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