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We produce industrial catalogues for distributors in companies specialising in materials handling, safety and storage. We also supply industrial catalogues targeted toward vocational market areas.

Our industrial catalogues are put together by our specialist staff who help people to find solutions and the right product at the best price.

Facility Management

Our facility management systems include facility flooring, cigarette bins, lockers and cloackroom equipment. Facility management products include items for site maintenance including grit bins, salt bins and salt spreaders.

We also offer a range of freestanding and wall mounted sheltered walkways and maintenance free outdoor seating arrangements. Our extensive facility management units also include cycle storage solutions, litter bins, ladders, on site security, and smoking shelters.

Materials Handling

Our comprehensive collection of materials handing equipment includes drum handling items and gas cylinder handling and storage solutions.

We offer a range of castors manufactured from rubber, cast iron, nylon, and polypropylene with swivel or braked features. Our materials handling range also include professional lifting equipment such as scissor lifts, mobile scissor tables and trucks and trolleys.

Office and Commercial

Our comprehensive range of office and commercial products consist of steel and aluminium tube construction systems for use with trolleys, customised shelving and workstations, and a selection of clocks designed for industrial and commercial use.

Our office and commercial items also include a choice of furniture solutions like desking, seating and table and a range of horizontal or vertical literature racks.

We also supply waste facilities, T-Card planners and a selection of mailroom equipment including mail bags and post boxes.

Safety and Environmental

We provide a variety of safety and environmental items like COSHH cabinets and DDA equipment. We also have a wealth of first aid kits, cupboards, emergency washes and eyecare items.

Safety and environmental products help you comply with many regulations and our range also includes hazardous substance storage cabinets and safe drum storage. We also offer an array of safety signs.

Site and Security

Our site and security barriers offer external and internal control on who enters your premises regarding vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We also have a range of surveillance methods available such as convex mirrors and we stock security key cabinets and line marking products.

Our site and security range offers cable kits to provide security controls from one device such as a laptop. We also offer a wealth of CCTV cameras, decoy cameras, warning signs and secure storage solutions.

Storage Products

Our storage products include various all-purpose office shelving options like lever arch filing units and document storage bays. Our archive storage facilities are designed for lightweight and heavy duty document filing. They are also adaptable for many other storage needs.

Our other storage products consist of containers, drawer units, panels and bins, pallets, racking, and wall mounted shelving.

Warehouse and Distribution

We offer warehouse and distribution products for a diversity of sectors and applications and our range includes access platforms, access steps and expanding conveyors.

Our warehouse and distribution solutions consists of high level powered picking vehicles, electronic and heavy duty weighing scales, gravity controlled roller conveyors, and a selection of dock bumpers, light boards and chocks.

Workshop Equipment

Our broad collection of workshop equipment contains professional cantilever frame workbenches and drawer cabinets. Our workshop equipment also includes drawer divider kits and stainless steel cabinets.

We supply a variety of workshop accessories such as flooring, racks, seating, storage, and trolleys and provide workstations for general purpose and industrial use.

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