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Originally founded in 1981 by Peter Reed, TES grew to sales of 3m by 2009. In May of that year the existing MD, Joe Gasan, undertook a joint management buyout of TES with the backing of Air Control Industries Ltd of Chard, Somerset. ACI is a global player in the manufacture of fans, blowers and air knives for the bottling/canning industry. The critical mass of the TES/ACI formation is creating exciting opportunities for growth and development for the combined group. TES' manufacturing base is located 2km from Junction 27 on the M5 motorway. TES also has a regional sales office in the Midlands, near Birmingham and a total workforce of around 35 employees.
TES is accredited to the latest ISO 9001-2000 quality standards, and has a highly skilled design team with many years experience in mechanical and electrical design, heat transfer and process cooling technology. The latest design modelling tools are utilised for design and development.
Its workshop labour force are trained and accredited to the latest ISO standards for welding, fabrication and refrigerant handling.
offers a comprehensive product validation, performance assessment and production testing capability.

TES Since its inception in 1981, TES has gained extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of industry. Its team of highly skilled specialists can boast many years of industry knowledge and experience, which enables TES to provide high quality solutions to an ever changing and demanding global deman for energy efficient solutions. 
TES can provide a complete turnkey capability, bespoke design solutions, subsystems for integrating within OEM equipment, custom designed coolers and heat pumps. It is able to produce high volume, stand alone products such as domestic heat pumps, or low volume specialist cooling subsystems.  
always ensures its client’s needs are fully met and its aim is to provide well engineered, cost effective cooling solutions. TES’s products are sold globally as far as the USA and the Far East and we have a distinguished portfolio of worldwide customers.
Initial design concepts are developed in 3D and discussed and analysed with the client, thus ensuring complete adherence to fit form and function. Following design approval, prototype development within its own workshop, TES will help to ensure the optimum design configuration prior to full production. 
With a wide range of standard design concepts, TES is equally able to modify and customise existing products to suit a client’s needs. This fully integrated approach to design, develop and manufacture ensures the total peace of mind from concept to commissioning.


TES has over 25 years’ experience of providing the right product for the right application.    We draw from our core skills in heat transfer, refrigeration, air cooling and energy balance and work in partnership with our customers to develop a high-end product, fine-tuned using a dedicated controls platform, to offer the optimum design for the application.    Our highly flexible team will strive to fully appreciate the technical requirements and always look beyond conventional thinking in order to deliver a bespoke product that goes the extra mile and fits the bill perfectly.    This level of flexibility and understanding allows us to deliver in market sectors as diverse as medical pasteurization, data centre emergency cooling and food packaging and from a domestic level up to heavy industry. 


OEM Volume Assembly  TES’s primary business is the manufacture of custom designed heat transfer systems (chillers, coolers and heat pumps) on behalf of its OEM client base. Working closely with its clients, TES is able to develop bespoke designs that integrate within the overall system. By developing the exact solution for the application TES is able to establish long and fruitful relationships with its OEM clients.    TES has a well equipped and highly skilled production workforce who operate within an advanced MRP (Material Resource Planning) environment and is fully accredited to ISO9001-2000.    Key assembly skills include Coded Welding, Fabrication, Refrigeration and Gas Handling, Electrical and Mechanical Assembly, and Test. 

One Off Projects  When called upon, TES is capable of undertaking major design and installation contracts involving specialist one-off applications and large infrastructure projects.  
  As well as volume production, TES has the ability to manufacture turnkey, bespoke cooling systems and over the years has gathered an extensive portfolio of special “one off” projects. This unique flexibility has enabled the production team to build on its ever increasing knowledge and skills base. 

Case Studies

In response to rising energy costs and coupled with the public’s increasing environmental awareness, there is a desire for a more efficient method of heating the home with a lower impact on the environment and reduced running costs. Domestic heating is traditionally performed by an oil / gas boiler or occasionally an electric immersion heater - however these options are dwindling in popularity due to the high cost of oil and gas and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels.    The Solution 
Drawing on years of expertise in industrial heating and cooling, TES have developed a range of Ground Source Heat Pumps aimed at domestic applications. The heat pump draws water from the ground (typically a borehole) and extracts heat from it, which is then raised in temperature and delivered to the heated area. Two separate water circuits are available, one for space heating up to 55 °C and another for potable domestic hot water up to 65°C.     Outcome
TES Heat pumps are now installed in many properties across the country, from small to large, and are providing heating and hot water throughout the year, saving the user money and vastly reducing carbon emissions.    Technical Details & Features 
  • 10-40kW of heating in 6 model sizes
  • High efficiency scroll compressor(s)
  • High Efficiency Plate Heat exchangers (Heating and Hot Water)
  • Coaxial Evaporator for source water
  • Electrical Panel with microprocessor controller
  • Ball Valve and Flow Switch on source water circuit.
  • No supplementary heat source
  • Optional manifold board (pictured) Technical Details & Features
Case Studies


Chillers - TES offer a wide range of air cooled & water cooled chillers.
Ice Banks - In overall performance the TES ice builders is unequalled.
Coolers - A selection of both air blast & free cooling systems.
Crop Storage - TES is a leading UK leading manufacturer & supplier of post-harvest cooling systems.
Heat Pumps - Geothermal heat pumps can drastically reduce your heating and hot water costs.
Pump Sets - TES Pump Sets offer the combination of a standard, compact, packaged design with a range of options.


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