ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH


As experts for customer-specific solutions for mineral-insulated thermocouples, heating conductors and heating cables, heat tracing systems, as well as for individual heating applications, we are pleased to provide you with professional assistance.

We manufacture tailor-made products according to your technical specifications and provide you with genuine craftsmanship for highly-specialised applications in industry and research up to 1000°C.

Thanks to the more than 25 years experience of our employees, you are in good hands with us. Everything we do, we do with enthusiasm! First class. Individual. Prompt.

ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH

Why are we so self-confident and assured?  We have a clearly structured approach to problem solving, which leads our customers to their desired goal.  We make no secret of it. There are only six precisely coordinated processes, characterised by our knowledge and expertise:

  • We listen to our customers
  • We analyse and comprehend the customer-specific requirements
  • We provide technical advice on a high level
  • We create an individual offer
  • We manufacture precise solutions
  • We deliver in a timely manner

The icing on the cake: The entire team possesses not only technical, but also interpersonal flair, that is, we understand what our customers mean and what they expect. This allows us to meet all quality requirements.

ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH
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