Thermoplastic Engineering Ltd

Thermoplastic Engineering specialises in 'one off' prototypes for proofing maintenance parts, production runs or monthly call offs for:

turning cnc and conventional
milling cnc and conventional
polishing diamond, flame and hand finishing
cutting, planing, drilling, threading/ finishing and alterations to moulded items

Our CAD/CAM system can accept your drawings in the form of DXF, IGES or .CDL formats, allowing setting costs to be reduced.

We can advise you on suitability of materials for your applications using:

ABS: - Pipe fittings - Mouldings
Acetal: -Bearings - Rollers - Food-safe applications -Valve components
Acrylic: - Signs - Displays - Sight glasses - Machine guards
Nylon: - Bushes - Bearings - Cams - Wear guides
PEEK: - High performance applications, inherently fire retardant - Nuclear engineering
Phenolics: - Busbar supports - Electrical insulators - Bushes - Pulleys - Cable clamps
Polycarbonate: - Machine guards - Covers
Polyethylene HDPE (300)
Polyethylene HMWPE (500)
Polyethylene UHMWPE (1000): - Pipe fittings - Wear pads - Food-safe applications (most grades cleared for use with foodstuffs)
Polypropylene: - Good chemical resistance = most applications - Valve components
PTFE: - Insulators - Washers - Valve components - Diaphragms - Piston rings - Bearings - Slide blocks 
PVC: - Chemical processing plant - Valve components  
PVDF: - Good chemical resistance = most chemical applications - Valve components Nuclear engineering - Electrical components

We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.


Thermoplastic Engineering Ltd Overview