Thermtec Ltd

Operates from modern premises in East Norfolk, specifically designed for the production of high quality electrical water heating for, domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

We include water heaters, and instant flow heaters.

Domestic Immersion Heaters

We offer a  wide range of domestic heaters, fitted with a 2 1/4".BSP head.

THE STANDARD copper sheathed range is for use in soft water areas and the higher specification THERMOLOY range is for use in hard and aggressive water conditions.

The THERMOLOY 825 heaters are suitable for areas where severe water corrosion is encountered and the highest grade is "TITANIUM"

Industrial and Spectra Heat products

A high quality range of industrial heaters are available, rated from 1kW to 48 kW, three phase and single phase.
All heaters are fitted with long life THERMOLOY elements, Heavy-duty terminal cover & thermostat.
We produce a range of head sizes from 1 1/4" BSP to 2 1/2" BSP.
Terminal enclosures meet protective requirements up to IP65. 

Thermtec Ltd Overview