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With the help of key industry organisations, we can extend the life of existing endpoint hardware by using desktop virtualisation. Our services will lower your overall cost of operation and reduce user time in completing several functions. Our desktop virtualisation will allow your IT team to be more strategic, store more data centrally and remove the risk of data loss.

Trend Analysis

To better serve our clients, we have created a number of customised support services. With our system monitoring, we provide trend analysis, indentify potential issues and monitor key systems.

By using our Think4 Support Portal, an online access system, we can ensure system performance, complete trend analysis, and audit software and hardware usage. 

Data De-Duplication

Storage solutions have progressed to better meet your IT needs. We can provide data de-duplication services to cut down on your storage.

Storage management is key to system vitualisation. Along with other IT solutions, data de-duplication can aid in this important system parameter.

Thin Provisioning

To ensure business continuity and increase your capability to recover from an IT disaster, we provide storage solutions such as thin provisioning, flexible volumes and others.

Think4 partners with industry-leading storage providers to see your IT system is full safeguarded. Processes like thin provisioning can be applied to small storage needs as well as largescale, multi-site projects.

IT Support Manchester

Think4 provides IT support Manchester. They offer a varied number of support packages to cover all different types of business sectors.

All of their technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Their services cover small to medium businesses with day-to-day support/helpdesk right through to total business disaster recovery with hot-desk facilities.  

For further information about their IT support Manchester service, please visit their website.

IT Health Check

Is your business suffering from little niggles?

Do they have an impact on your working day and distracting you from you work focus?

Why not have an independent IT health check on your systems. Think4 can turn those niggles into a reliable infrastructure and as a result this will boost your business.  For more information on Think4's IT health check, please visit their website.

Apple Support

Think4 have excellent knowledge about Apple Macs, as well as Microsoft platforms. They have numerous clients that work totally on Apple networks and infrastructures.

Don't be afraid, Think4 can supply Apple support for you and your business. For more information about their Apple support service, please visit their website.

Online Backup

 How do you do your business backup? What data is captured?

If you had a disaster how long would it take you to get back up and functioning as a business?

Think4 offers online backup that can capture your business data, daily, weekly, monthly. If you’d like to know more about their online backup, please visit their website.

IT Hosted Services

“Cloud” is a buzz word in the IT world. Think4 are able to provide all types of "cloud" services from:

  • Offie365
  • BPOS
  • SPLA (Microsoft licences on a monthly rental).

These IT Hosted services are ideal for remote workers or small start-up businesses that are looking to keep costs down.

Please visit their website for more details on their IT Hosted services.

IT Careers

Think4 have expanded over the years and have defied the current trend in the recession. They regularly offer new IT careers opportunities.

If you would like to join the highly successful and focused team in sales or support, please visit our website to see our current vacancies for IT careers.

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