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Thomas & Vines is the UK’s foremost flocking company, working within a diverse range of industries from Visual Merchandising, Retail Display and Interior Design to Printing, Packaging, TV and Film.

Dashboard Flocking

Thomas & Vines is best known within the Motorsport industry for our quality flocking of rally car and show car dashboards. Having worked over the years as the preferred supplier of flocked dashboards for Subaru Prodrive and Mitsubishi Ralliart as well as many other teams and individuals, we have produced the flocking for the black non-reflective dashboards in WRC rally cars driven by World Champions - Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Tommi Makinnen. If you would like your cars dashboard flocked by the best in the business for less than you might think, please call us on 01923 775111 or email 

Flock Sales

We have a very large stock of “standard” flock fibres available in many fibre lengths and colours. As well as our standard range, we also have flock mixes for over 600 Pantone colours on our system, so there is no need to feel restricted by colour when choosing your flock. We also offer a flock colour matching service to match the colour of your flock to a sample swatch of fabric or paint.

Please call on 01923 775111 or email for your free set of flocked colour sample cards to be sent to you.

Adhesive Sales

As UK distributors of MECOFLOCK® flocking adhesives, we are able to supply you with the highest quality flocking adhesives available anywhere in the world. All MECOFLOCK® flocking adhesives have been designed and tested to provide perfect results when flock coating onto a large range of substrates including metals, woods, plastics, ceramics and fabrics. 

NOTE – It is very important to the quality of the finished flocked surface to use a specialist flocking adhesive such as the MECOFLOCK range. These adhesives are all highly electrically conductive – a must for electrostatic flock coating. Beware of using “normal” adhesives such as epoxy resins etc as they bond to surfaces very well but do not flock very well, resulting in a patchy flock finish. We only sell and use specialist flocking adhesives.

Flocking Services

We offer the ultimate flock coating service to both individuals and industry alike. With over 40 years experience combined with the latest electrostatic flocking equipment, specialist flocking adhesives and over 600 colour flocks available, we can flock coat your items perfectly be they a one off or large production run.

Please call on 01923 775111 or email to discuss your flocking requirements and for your free set of flocked colour sample cards to be sent to you.

Flocking Equipment Sales

We are distributors for electrostatic flocking equipment manufactured by DCA / Campbell Coutts. Having used on a daily basis as well as sold DCA’s electrostatic equipment for many decades, we are very well suited to specify the most appropriate electrostatic equipment for your needs should you want to flock coat for yourself.

Thomas Vines Clients

Our client list includes many of the top companies from all of the following industries( please see our website for our full client list) :

Visual merchandising and retail display: Millington Associates, Rare Basic Ltd, Replica Ltd, Elemental Ltd, SFD, Display One, Solo D, Sperling Retail.

Film, TV and theatre production companies : BBC, Aardman Animations Ltd. English National Opera, Glyndebourne, Productions Ltd, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Royal Opera House, Talk Back Thames Studios, Warner Brothers Productions Ltd.

Bespoke cabinet makers: R & D Davidson, John Nicholas Reproductions Ltd, RJN Furniture Ltd

High street retail stores: Ted Baker, Designers Guild, Jigsaw, Monsoon Accessorize, Paul Smith

Lighting designers: Anglepoise, Luxx, Bella Figura, Designed Architectural Lighting Co Ltd

Model makers: 4D Modelshop Ltd, Berry Place Models Ltd, Asylum Models & Effects Ltd

Packaging: Excel Packaging & Insulation Ltd, Expanded Polystyrene Supplies Ltd, FB-AVAK Ltd

Motorsport industry: Mitsubishi Ralliart, Subaru Prodrive, Roush Technologies Ltd

Floral designers:Rob Van Helden Floral Design Ltd, Absolute Flowers Ltd, Robbie Honey Ltd

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