Thomas Fattorini - Manchester

Are you looking for a smart quality badge that lasts? If so, you have come to the right place.. For Expediency call us on 0161-748 0441.

In 1964 Fattorini set up a factory in Manchester, UK  entirely dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of plastic name badges.  We can offer you a large variety of quality name badges, to suit your precise needs. e.g.:

Guarantee - if you are not happy with the quality of your name badges that we supply to you after 30 days and you return them to us - we will refund you fully including all your postage.

"We design badges, we print badges, we engrave badges, we mould badges, we assemble badges, we supply badges ... it is in our blood"

Britain’s most experienced badge maker. Made in the UK


    Thomas Fattorini - Namebadge Production
  1. Thomas Fattorini offers a very large range of name badges off-the-shelf and can tailor these to your precise needs. We are very keen to ensure that you and your staff have a badge that you are very proud of reflecting your company well, and one that lasts.