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We offer customers the most comprehensive range of market leading, cost-effective compressed air systems in the UK.

Thorite supplies, installs and maintains air compressors, nitrogen generators, dryers, water chillers, electrically driven vacuum pumps and blowers as product solutions for a multitude of applications from printing to food processing.

Our highly experienced team provide solutions assisting in all aspects of selection and specification.

Product range
Our comprehensive range of products represents the very best from top industrial fluid and air system manufacturers such as Compair, HPC, Hydrovane, Parker domnick hunter, JunAir, OMI, Hiross Zander, Becker, Busch, and Rietschle.

Air Tools

Thorite is a major distributor of CP - Desoutter, Ingersoll Rand, Trelawny, SIP, Sealey and Standard Power Industrial and Vehicle Service air tools. We also market our own range of entry level air tools under the Thorite Performance range.

Our after sales service for air tools includes:

  • Service and Repair
  • Spares and Accessories
  • HAV surveys
  • Safety Wear
Air Tools

Process Equipment

Thorite specialises in the specifying and provision of Process Control Systems from a simple fitting to complete turnkey solutions including pumps, control panels and all pipework.

We have a dedicated Process and Instrumentation Manager who works constantly with customers to provide the perfect solution for their application, be it in Water, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food Processing or Petro Chemical industries.

Process Equipment

Pneumatic System Design & Build

  • Thorite specialises in fluid power automation and control systems
  • Production of simple control panels through to managing large control system projects

Pipework Installations

Our specialist piping engineers design and install distribution pipework for compressed air systems as well as water, vacuum and other fluids. Our compressed air distribution systems can be constructed in either traditional galvanised steel or highly efficient smooth bore, aluminum pipeline system.

Our pipe fitters are fully trained in compressed air pipework systems and all installations are in accordance with British Compressed Air Society guidelines and recommendations to ensure maximum performance and reliability from your compressed air distribution system.

Thorite is a Charter Holder of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), with accreditation for Investors in People and an "approved contractor” under the SAFEcontractor scheme.

Thorite Branches
Thorite in the North of England:

T:01254 679922

T:01204 362614

T: 01274 663471

T: 01302 325491

T: 01484 534245

T: 0113 200 0640

T:01706 860919

T: 0114 233 1128

Hogg Pneumatic Solutions
T: 0191 258 2623

Compressed Air Leak Detection Surveys

Are you aware of the high cost of compressed air leaks?

A single 3mm dia. leak could cost you up to £600.00 per annum. Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air, up to 40% of an un-managed systems total air usage may be leakage. A program should be set up to report leaks and they should be repaired as soon as possible to minimise losses. Either as part of a full compressed air audit or simply as an air leak reduction survey Thorite offer a compressed air leak detection service, which will estimate the leakage rate, the leakage costs, and the repair costs and even repair the leaks if required.


We carry out compressed air leak detection surveys utilising the very latest ultrasonic survey handguns known as ULDs (Ultrasonic Leak Detectors). These very sensitive pieces of equipment pinpoint high frequency sound waves produced by leaks from compressed air pipe work and components. Electrical circuitry in the ULD transforms the normally inaudible ultrasonic sound into a much more audible hiss in the operator's earphones. The system is very accurate and hence the source of the leak is easy to pinpoint.

Ultrasonic survey guns can also be used to detect problems that occur in fluid power, water, steam and even vacuum systems. The use of a ULD device is also very convenient since equipment may be tested while on-line.

Ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal, hence there are distinct advantages to using ultrasound for leak surveys:

  • Ultrasound is very directional
  • Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded
  • Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy factory environments
  • Ultrasound changes provide early warning of potential problems

Utilising the Leak detectors our systems experts will tour the site identifying any leaks and classify them by their high cost and ease of repair. By selecting this way we can offer quick savings for minimal outlay. A comprehensive report will be provided highlighting all problem areas with associated potential cost savings and quote for repair.

Compressor Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your compressor and vacuum plant at peak operating conditions ensures maximum performance, lower running costs, longer life with a substantially improved return on your investment.

We operate a range of service schemes designed to meet our customers’ needs from a periodic annual service to comprehensive schemes where we take full responsibility for the compressed air plant inclusive of full warranty and 24 hour breakdown cover. Full "Peace of Mind”.

Our highly trained service engineers are qualified to deal with all issues relating to the compressor plant including electrics, refrigeration and refrigeration gas handling. We invest heavily in training and support for our entire workforce with over half our engineers coming through our internal training route: a testament to the success of our apprenticeship scheme.

Thorite is a Charter Holder of the BCAS (British Compressed Air Society), with accreditation for Investors in People and an "approved contractor under the SAFEcontractor scheme.

Tool and Pump Repairs

Sales of industrial tools and fluid handling pumps is supported by our own service and repair facility.

Control Panel Build

Whether the requirement is full machine control using PLC controls or a simple control cabinet our systems department will advise the ideal solution to help you design, develop and integrate systems solutions into your applications

Pneumatics Systems Design

As well as supplying pneumatic control equipment we have engineers trained to advise, specify and incorporate the pneumatics into control systems.

Pressure Systems Written Schemes of Examination

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 came into force on 21 February 2000. Users and owners of pressure systems are required to demonstrate that they know the safe operating limits, principally pressure and temperature, of their
pressure systems, and that the systems are safe under those conditions. They need to ensure that a suitable written scheme of examination is in place before the system is operated. They also need to ensure that the pressure system is actually examined in accordance with the written scheme of examination.

Whom does it affect?

Owners and Users of compressed air installed or portable, existing or new
Those who design compressed air systems and components:
Those who manufacture compressed air systems and components
Those who install compressed air systems
Those who maintain compressed air systems
Those who import compressed air systems and components
Those who supply compressed air systems
Competent Persons and Examiners

Hire Compressors

Whatever the problem; urgent breakdown, immediate shortage of air, time delay before a new machine is installed or just additional short term requirement we offer a fleet of industrial hire compressors ranging from XXcfm to XXX cfm outputs at reasonable prices. All you need is an appropriate power supply and suitable site location.

To book your machine contact our Service Department on 0800 03411041.

Stock Management

The need to reduce your overall costs in MRO (Maintenance and repair operations) is increasingly important. Cost reductions through managed stock levels, consignment stock, lineside support, one stop shopping etc are all available through our partnership scheme.

For further details contact our National Account Manager David Green on 01204 362614

Site Surveys

Through our "Consultancy Service" we offer a compressed air plant system health check. Using state of the art "datalogging" technology we can analyse the performance of your compressor plant which along with a survey of your distribution network can often offer substantial reductions in energy consumption and factory running costs.

Reseller Support

Are you a reseller? - Competitive rates, same day despatch, product and application support are all available.

For competitive quote contact our reseller team:

Tel: 0800 034 0680

Fax: 0870 264 6664


Trade Counters

Open from 08:00am to 5:00pm weekdays and 09:00am to 12:00noon on Saturdays each of our strategically located showrooms has a trade counter enabling immediate collection of goods or face to face discussion on specific applications.

On-Site Support & Advice

Our team of highly trained Sales Engineers are available to give on-site advice and technical support. Whilst we specify individual products, we specialise in offering total solutions to applications. This valuable service can incorporate compressed air, pneumatics, fluid handling, electronics and field-bus systems. We save our customers time and money through being able to trust Thorite with the most complicated of integrated applications.

Our team of field based engineers is supported by in-house specialists with in-depth knowledge of our key application areas of compressed air generation and distribution; pneumatics and pneumatic systems; fluid handling and process technology; vacuum and tools. In addition, we pride ourselves in working extremely closely with our key product suppliers and their support with our customers' applications is always available where necessary.

To arrange a site visit please contact your local branch or:

Alan Donkersley - Sales Director

Mobile: 07939 587934


Compressed Air Purity & Testing

Breathing Air Requirements
Are you aware of the quality of your compressed air?

Thorite offer accurate compressed air quality testing to the requirements of EN12021; ensuring compliance with the mandatory requirements of COSHH L5.

"178 The quality of the air supplied to breathing apparatus should be tested at least once every three months and more frequently when the quality of the air supplied can not be assured...."

Using automatically controlled tests to establish the levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil, water and oxygen content we can meet or exceed the detection parameters of both EN12021:1998 and BS4275:1997, helping you to ensure the safety of your workforce.

For further help or to request a visit or quotation please contact us with your contact details.

Removal of typical contaminants such as water, particles, oil etc can be achieved through standard filtration offered in the Thorite Breathing Sets. These filter assemblies are specifically assembled to remove these contaminants. See our range of Breathing Air Sets.

Air Quality Standard
Does your air supply need to meet the international standard for compressed air quality? ISO 8573:2001 is the internationally recognised standard; by using our Air Purity Check service you can establish your conformity to this standard.

Where the compressed air system is supplying air to more than one application the air treatment in the compressor house is likely to remain unchanged. However, point of use protection levels will vary depending upon the air quality requirements of each application.

Food Grade Compressed Air
The compressed air itself is never the issue, it is the added "ingredients" to the compressed air that cause the problem. Compressed air which is likely to come into contact with food stuffs or ingredients will require the highest level of purification. Current food hygiene regulations introduce the requirement that food business operators put in place, implement and maintain procedures based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP) principles.

Many food companies are now adopting the British retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard - Food and the British compressed Air Society (BCAS) Code of Practice on food grade compressed air (jointly compiled with the BRC).

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