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Thomson & Joseph Limited Thomson & Joseph Ltd was established in 1951 as a supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials to the developing UK pharmaceutical industry following the end of World War 2. Colin Thomson and Ernest Joseph were brothers-in-law. Thomson was a GP, and Joseph a pharmaceutical chemist. Both were fluent German speakers and early supplies of pharmaceutical raw materials were sourced from Germany. The company was originally sited in Baker Street, London and moved to Norwich during the 1960s.

Thomson & Joseph Ltd has been accredited to ISO9002 Quality Standard, since 1994 we have, over the years, developed strong relationships with key producers including:

  • PCF Chimie - a French producer of metal nitrates, high purity metal oxides and a wide range of Bismuth salts.
  • Albion Advanced Nutrition -the world's leading producer of amino acid chelated minerals for human, animal and plant nutrition.
  • Urvesh Psyllium Industries - an Indian producer of Psyllium (Ispaghula) husks and powder: a natural form of fibre for health and nutrition products.

In essence, T&J’s rationale is to represent overseas chemical manufacturers operating in niche markets as their sales agent and distributor in the UK and Ireland. Today T&J has a range of agencies, as shown below, which cover the pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural industries.

1. Pharmaceutical:
5N Plus, Germany – Bismuth salts. (G.I. tract medicines)
Urvesh, India – Psyllium husks. (Soluble fibre products)

2. Industrial:
OCM, France – Nitrate salts: Nickel, aluminium, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, Iron and ferric salts. (Catalysts and electronics)
TIB Chemicals, Germany – Nickel salts (Electroplating)
5N Plus, Germany – Bismuth salts as a replacement for lead in ceramics, lubricants and electronics.

3. Agricultural:
Novus, USA – Metal Amino Acid Chelates (animals).
Albion Plant Nutrition, USA – Metal Amino Acid Chelates (plants).
West Central, USA - Soychlor – a dietetic feedingstuff for pre-calving cows.
BioAg, Australia – Biological nutrients for soil and plants.

4. Analytical:
Albion Laboratory Services Ltd
Mineral analysis support for the use of agricultural products, using the analytical capabilities of NRM Labs.

We are always seeking new partnerships and product areas to develop our business.


    We stock Digest-it a livestock slurry digester. Digest-it is a liquid microbial solution whcih introduces and stimulates aerobic microbial life within slurry. These aerobic microbes boost fertiliser value through preventing Nitrogen loss via to the atmosphere through Ammonia and by breaking down organic matter in to a more avaialble form. They also compete with the anaerobic bacteria which produce the rotten egg smell (Hydrogen Sulphide).

    When the digested slurry is applied onto grassland the microbes transfer to the soil where they begin to digest and detritus or other forms of organic matter into a plant available form. Our trial work has concluded that applying Digest-it treated slurry will increase grass growth by up to 40%!

    Features and Benefits

    • Stimulates aerobic microbial activity.

    • Converts solids into plant-available liquid nutrients.

    • Reduces fertiliser costs.

    • Reduces surface crusting.

    • Reduces odour.

    • Reduces energy required to stir and pump slurry.

    • Increases the liquid to solid ratio.

    • Improves fertiliser nutrient value.

    • Digested slurry improves soil fertility.

     Get your slurry tank or lagoon working again.


    We stock SoyChlor a pre-calving dieletic concentrate which provides Calcium and Magnesium Chloride in a highly palatable form. This reduced DCAB and provides Calcium and Magnesium which are essential both prior to and in the days following calving.

    MAAC - Metal Amino Acid Chelates

    We stock MAAC metal amino acid chelates for use in animal and plant nutrition to improve livestock and crop health and productivity. These minerals are highly bioavailable due to their combination with a glycine ligand. This allows the mineral to survive the harsh gut environment to be properly absorbed in the small intestine.

    MAAC chelated trace minerals combine glycine as unique and specific amino acid ligand, with an essential trace mineral (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe) in a chelated molecule. This protects the mineral from antagonists, allowing it to be more efficiently absorbed once reaching the small intestine. In all animal species, the result is improved stability of the molecule, higher bioavailability and optimized trace mineral supply. When using MAACs, levels of minerals in the diets can be reduced, while still achieving more in term of animal performance.  As a result, mineral excretion in the environment is reduced. So the increased bioavailability of minerals in MAAC makes animal production more sustainable.  


    Full Novus Product List:

    Novus Chelated Animal Feed Additives Novus Chelated Liquid Animal Feed Additives
    MAAC Copper-16 MAAC Copper 6% Liquid
    MAAC Iron-16 MAAC Manganese 6% Liquid
    MAAC Magnesium-10 MAAC Zinc 8.5% Liquid
    MAAC Manganese-16  
    MAAC Zinc-20  
    MAAC Nutrisol  

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    Soil & Seed

    We stock BioAg Soil & Seed a biological soil amendment and seed inoculent product.  BioAg Soil & Seed is formulated to improve soil microbial activity, thereby improving natural soil fertility and moisture and nutrient utilisation. It acts as an excellent soil inoculant. It encourages rapid germination and early root development, thereby enhancing yield potential.

    This fermented microbial culture contains a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates and dormant beneficial organisms. Separate formulations are available for broadacre, pastures and horticulture.

    Features and Benefits

    • Balanced food supply for soil microbes.

    • Stimulates soil microbial population and diversity.

    • Accelerates conversion of crop residues into humus.

    • Improves soil moisture and nutrient utilisation.

    • Apply to moist soil using a boom spray or irrigation system.

    • Incorporate within 72 hours mechanically or with with rainfall/irrigation.

    • Can be used as a seed inoculant for rapid germination and root development.

    Balance & Grow

    Balance & Grow is specifically aimed at increasing vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity. Providing rich sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, dormant beneficial organisms.

    For best results use in conjunction with a soil improvement program tailored for your soil. Contact Thomson & Joseph or visit our laboratory website for more information on soil analysis and other services.

    Balance & Grow Key Facts

    • Balanced nutrient supply for plants and soil microbes.
    • Supports vegetative growth.
    • Increases Calcium level in plants.
    • Stimulates soil microbial population and diversity.
    • Apply when there is good levels of plant ground cover and plant is in vegetative growth state.
    • Apply using spray system.

    Fruit & Balance

    Fruit & Balance is formulated to increase flowering, fruit set and soil microbial activity. Providing rich sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, dormant beneficial organisms.
    Fruit & Balance Key Facts

    • Balanced nutrient supply for plants and soil microbes.
    • Stimulates and supports fruiting and maturation.
    • Increases Phosphate supply in support of achieving greater yield.
    • Can be applied directly to plant surface including leaves and fruit.
    • Apply using a spray system.

    High Quality Nitrate Salts

    High quality metal nitrate salts used in catalyst, general industrial processes and animal feed.

    The Nitrates we stock include but are not limited to:

    • Ferric Nitrate
    • Copper Nitrate
    • Aluminium Nitrate
    • Zinc Nitrate
    • Magnesium Nitrate
    • Bismuth Nitrate
    • Bismuth Subnitrate
    • Manganese Nitrate
    • Nickel Nitrate
    • Cobalt Nitrate

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    Bismuth Salts

    We supply a wide range of bismuth salts for pharmaceutical and industrial products including lubricants, ceramics and electronics.

    Ispaghula (Psyllium) Husks

    We stock Ispaghula Husks for use within the pharmaceutical industry. We also stock other pharmaceutical products for a complete list of porducts visit our website at

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