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Thomson & Joseph Limited Thomson & Joseph Ltd was established in 1951 as a supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials to the developing UK pharmaceutical industry following the end of World War 2. Colin Thomson and Ernest Joseph were brothers-in-law. Thomson was a GP, and Joseph a pharmaceutical chemist. Both were fluent German speakers and early supplies of pharmaceutical raw materials were sourced from Germany. The company was originally sited in Baker Street, London and moved to Norwich during the 1960s.

Thomson & Joseph Ltd has been accredited to ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard, since 1994 we have, over the years, developed strong relationships with key producers including:

  • Orrion Chemicals Metalchem (OCM) - a producer of metal nitrates, high purity metal oxides and a wide range of Bismuth salts.
  • 5N Plus - 5N Plus is a leading producer of specialty metal and chemical products. 5N Plus manufactures critical precursors and key enablers used in a number of industries such as clean energy, electronic, pharmaceutical, medical imaging, paint pigments, security and surveillance. 
  • Albion Advanced Nutrition - the world's leader and innovator in metal amino acid chelate nutrition. producer of amino acid chelated minerals for human and plant nutrition.
  • Novus International - producer of highly bioavailable MAAC chelated trace minerals. MAAC chelated trace minerals combine glycine as a unique and specific amino acid ligand, with an essential trace mineral (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe) in a chelated molecule.
  • Landus Cooperative - inventor of SoyChlor, designed to assist pre-freshening dairy cows with DCAB balancing and reducing instances of sub clinical hypocalcemia and, in turn, milk fever. SoyChlor's unique ability to deliver chloride while maintaining palatability has made it the preferred feed ingredient by dairy cows across the globe.
  • BioAg Australia - BioAg, based in Narrandera NSW Australia, manufacture solid natural phosphate-based fertilisers, efficiency and yield enhancing liquid microbial fermented cultures, and effluent digesters which are supplied in tailored programs to suit individual farm or grower requirements.
  • Urvesh Psyllium Industries - an Indian producer of Psyllium (Ispaghula) husks and powder: a natural form of fibre for health and nutrition products.

In essence, T&J’s rationale is to represent overseas chemical manufacturers operating in niche markets as their sales agent and distributor in the UK and Ireland. Today T&J has a range of agencies, as shown below, which cover the pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural industries.

1. Pharmaceutical:
5N Plus, Germany – Bismuth salts. (G.I. tract medicines)
Urvesh, India – Psyllium husks. (Soluble fibre products)

2. Industrial:
OCM, France – Nitrate salts: Nickel, aluminium, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, Iron and ferric salts. (Catalysts and electronics)
TIB Chemicals, Germany – Nickel salts (Electroplating)
5N Plus, Germany – Bismuth salts as a replacement for lead in ceramics, lubricants and electronics.

3. Agricultural:
Novus, USA – Metal Amino Acid Chelates (animals).
Albion Plant Nutrition, USA – Metal Amino Acid Chelates (plants).
Landus Coorperative, USA - Soychlor – a dietetic feedingstuff for pre-calving cows.
BioAg, Australia – Biological nutrients for soil and plants.

4. Analytical:
Albion Laboratory Services Ltd
Mineral analysis support for the use of agricultural products, using the analytical capabilities of NRM Labs.

We are always seeking new partnerships and product areas to develop our business.

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