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Thornhill has over 40 years experience in supplying and installing a wide range of security safes, vaults and other security products from the main manufacturers for homes and commercial premises.

So whether you need a small cash safe for your home, a commercial Deposit Safe or more specialist products such as Access Control Systems we can offer help and advice.

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  1. Access Control Systems

    Access Control Systems
    Our access control systems give you full control over who has access to your business premise, making this type of system one of the most effective security solutions. We are able to sell and install an abundance of door entry systems, offering various levels of security for numerous businesses and buildings. Each systems can be accessed internally from a single central point, giving you the flexibility to take control over who has access to your business, such as secure PIN systems. For more information on our access control systems please contact us.
  2. Commercial Safes

    Commercial Safes
    By installing a commercial safe is one of the many ways a business can effectively help protect important documents and valuables from fire and theft. At Thornhill Security, we have over 40 years of expertise offering a broad range of high quality commercial safes that meet the demands of your business. We also offer the option to fully install your safe within your premises, with a vast choice of security levels and budget options.

    We stock safes from all major manufacturers, accommodating many commercial clients that range from the MOD to banks and jewellers. For more information on our commercial safes please contact us.
  3. Domestic Safes

    Domestic Safes
    To ensure the protection of your house hold items, such as mobile phones, laptops, jewellery and other small electrical item that can be stolen and sold easily for cash, by installing a domestic safe offers a cost effective way to protect your valuables. Besides theft, our safes can be used to protect against fire, allowing us to offer a full range of safes suitable for multiple applications. All our safes are supplied from leading manufacturers, encompassing prices to suit all budgets. Our team are able to help in choosing the most suitable safe for you and provide a full safe installation service.
  4. Locksmith Services

    Locksmith Services
    We are leading lock experts in the South West, offering various locksmith services for over 40 years, allowing us to offer anything from simple lost keys to specialist access control systems. At Thornhill Security we understand our customers' requirements, offering bespoke solutions to a range of businesses and organisations.

    Our locksmith services also include:
    • Shutter locks or shop fronts
    • Access control systems
    • High security locking systems
    • Master key systems
    For more information on our locksmith services please contact us.
  5. Master Key Systems

    Master Key Systems
    For commercial buildings that see a lot of human traffic, master key systems provide a simple cost effective security answer, enabling anyone with a master key access to the premises without compromising access to specific areas. Most commonly used throughout offices, schools, businesses and residential facilities, with each individual issued with the same key, but each key pre-set with a different level of access, set by the manager of the system. This is a very versatile and flexible system that is an effective solution to monitoring who has access to your business. If you require more information on our master key systems please contact us.
  6. Safe Removal, Relocation, Re-siting

    Safe Removal, Relocation, Re-siting
    Our team at Thornhill Security have special knowledge and suitable equipment to provide effective safe removal, relocations and re-siting. With many safes either generally secured into the fabrication of the building or just incredible bulky and heavy, it can be no easy task to correctly remove and relocate them, but at Thornhill Security (unlike many of our competitors) provide the complete service.

    No matter whether you are moving business premises or house, we are able to remove, transport and install your safe to its new location with minimal fuss. Simply provide us with a few details about the safe and assess to the safes location, and we will endeavour to do the rest.
  7. Sales/Installation of Safes

    Sales/Installation of Safes
    Here at Thornhill Security, we have over 20 years of experience in offering sales/installation of safes to a range of sectors, from small domestic safes to complex security arrangements for businesses. Our team have the bespoke expertise within the security industry to help advice on the correct safe for you. We work with you taking into consideration a number of key factors, such the purpose of the safe to where the safe is to be installed, carefully selecting the most suitable safe from our extensive choice of safes from major manufactures.
  8. Security Doors

    Security Doors
    Here at Thornhill Security, we only stock top brands across our security doors, ensuring your premise is safe against break-ins and forced entry. Our doors are manufactured by the likes of Chubb, Shield and Robust, providing a dynamic range of locking systems that include multi lock systems to 12 point locking mechanisms. Each of our doors has a stainless steel threshold and are all DDA compliant, as well as drill and impact proof. We are also able to fit our doors with panic bars, providing quick escape in case of a fire or other emergencies.
  9. Security Grilles

    Security Grilles
    We offer a wide range of security grilles to provide additional protection for both windows and doors, whilst still allowing light and fresh air into the premises. Our grates are fully retractable and offer a very robust security option, as well as being aesthetically pleasing without detracting from the ambiance of the building. All our security grilles are manufactured by Extendor, custom made to suit your exact requirements, powder coated and easy to clean and maintain. For more information on our security grilles please contact us.
  10. Vaults and Strongrooms

    Vaults and Strongrooms
    At Thornhill Security, we have a diverse array of vaults and strongrooms that are all about size and security. We have worked with a number of government departments and financial institutions to ensure bespoke vaults and strongrooms that are designed and installed into a vast range of buildings. Working closely with our clients, we are able to provide support throughout all stages of the project, from the initial discussions and site survey to liaising with the manufacturer and arranging professional installation within your premises. For more details on our vault and strongroom services please contact us.