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The economy of good quality static anti-presuree mattresses are finding favour in the community & hospitals where expensive active systems are of doubtful extra benefit.

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Avoiding Entrapment

Side wiedges with draw sheet. This new method of preventing a patient from falling out of bed requires NO RAILS. A draw sheet attaches to the mattress with quick release buckles.

Along each side of the bed is a broad 10cm hook & loop strip. On to the strip fixes a 20cm high wedge 90cm long. The draw sheet & the wedges are covered in Vapour Permeable wipe clean fabric – Cotton drawsheet is also available. The patient is able to get out of the bed without the entrapment problem of rails but is also protected from the 'Roll Out'. Also available – full length drawsheet with extra pair of wedges.

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Comfort Products

'V' Shaped Back Cushion FFVW

Probably the most comfortable back cushion. Giving support when sitting up in bed, where an arrangement of pillows would fail.


  • With wipe clean vapour permeable cover FFVW
  • With fire retardant cotton cover FFVC
  • Inner only FFV
  • Cotton cover only CVC

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Cotside Bumbers

Cotside Bumpers at a glance

Entrapment is a common problem in beds with rails and we have tried to overcome this by producing cotside bumpers with the MHRA's anti-entrapment requirements in mind.

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Evacuation Equipment

This anti pressure overlay is permanently in place on top of a traditional sprung mattress. It is 90mm deep and the topside is covered in a vapour permeable, two way stretch wipe clean material, the bottom is tough PVC coated for sliding over any surface list stairs. It is held on the bed with tucks which double as cocooning flaps to hold the patient in transit. The Flexible nature of the unit enables narrow doorways and stairs to be negotiated. With this device the patient does not have to be transferred. Two people required.

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Incontinence is a huge problem in the elderly and, ecologically, throwaway products are becoming far more of a problem. With this in mind reusable bed pads have an obvious advantage. These bed pads can absorb up to 3 litres and prevent 'wet back', they can be washed up to 300 times in the patients home or even homes and hospital laundries.

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Medical Fleece

Shearex pure woolpile fleece WW

Deep pile wool fleece gives a gentle natural interface which is usually missing from modern pressure reducing surfaces.
Hot washable.

Available in various sizes. Please see price list. Also available in deep pile polyester (HP).

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Seat Cushions

Memory Foam cushion PFV

Top layer memory foam bottom layer firmer supporting foam for comfort. Available with removable cover wipe clean or terry towelling.

17 x 16 x 4” (43 x 41 x 10 cm)

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