Thyssenkrupp Aerospace Uk Ltd.

Thyssenkrupp Aerospace supplies metals and other materials to the Aerospace, Defence and other high technology industries worldwide. . It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the internationally renowned Thyssenkrupp Aerospace AG and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its customers and the widest choice:

Choice of metals - Aluminium, Steel and Titanium
Choice of processing - Cut, Profiled or Machined
Choice of service - ex. stock, JIT, DLF or full SCM

Thyssenkrupp Aerospace works with the worlds best customers and suppliers and provides both a local and global service from locations in:

PACIFIC RIM - Australia China India
EUROPE - Finland France Germany Holland UK
The AMERICA's - USA, Canada & Brazil

All locations fulfil the requirements of ISO 9100 and are approved independently by many of the worlds leading companies.

The company has developed processes for the management of customer demand through to final delivery, which ensures a high standard of consistent performance, which meets the needs and is measured against the most exacting KPIs. The team of people that are Thyssenkrupp Aerospace are thoroughly trained and constantly developed to provide the highest standard of technical advice through to day-to-day service.


Thyssenkrupp Aerospace Uk Ltd. Overview