Ti-Tek (UK) Ltd


TI-TEK (UK) Ltd are stockholders and suppliers of titanium products and other metals for supply into the Industrial, Chemical Oil & Gas, Medical, and Aerospace Markets. Ti-Tek are strategically located and superbly equipped to provide a comprehensive stocking service in various titanium grades in the round and flat form.

Stockist & supplier of Titanium Metals:

  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Plate
  • Titanium Bolts
  • Titanium Bar
  • Titanium Wire
  • Titanium Tubing / Tube
  • Titanium Pipe
  • Titanium Products
  • Titanium Components
  • Titanium Rod
  • Titanium Coils
  • Titanium Round
  • Titanium Flat

All in commercially pure titanium & alloys. Titanium sheets grade 1-5, Titanium Bar Grade 5 & 2, 6AL/4V, Titanium Bar AR 6AL/4V ELI, Titanium Fasteners, Mesh, Jig Sections

Areas supplied: Formula One, Heat Exchangers, Cathodic Protection, Wheel Chair Manufacturers, Sub Sea Applications, Sporting Equipment, Automotive, Cryogenic Equipment, Springs, Pulp & Paper Processing, Body Armour, Electrochemical, Offshore Piping.

Ti-Tek is an approved ISO 9001:2000 company with excellent service and fast delivery times. We look forward to your enquiries and servicing your titanium needs.

Titanium Coil

Our stock of titanium coils contains Grade 1. Approved for PHE application

Titanium Sheets and Plates

Our stock of titanium sheets and plates contains Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 5 (Ti 6AL/4V)

Titanium Bar

Our stock of titanium bars contains Grade 2, Grade 5 (Ti 6AL/4V and ELi) and Grade 7

Titanium Tube

Our stock of titanium tubes contains Grade 2, welded and seamless

Titanium Wire

Besides our large variety of sheets, plates, bars and tubes we offer a range of other titanium products including:

  • Welding Wire ERTI
  • Jig Section Bar
  • Titanium Wire Grade 3
  • Titanium Fasteners and Titanium Washers Grade 2 
  • DIN934 Titanium Nuts in stock

Ti Tek Services

In addition to supplying Titanium TI-TEK also provides:

  • Titanium sawing
  • Titanium shearing
  • Wwater jet cutting
  • Machined parts and can machine or cut to your specification / drawing


Ti Tek Services

Titanium Cutting

Often, those who tried to work titanium proceeded by trial spending a lot of time looking for tools. They based their calculations on data traditional for other materials, failing to observe the characteristics described, which clearly dictate the work criteria to be adopted and which basically hold true for all types of machine tool and titanium.

Titanium Machining does not present Ti-Tek with any particular difficulty and can be undertaken by any workshop that works with commitment and professionalism.

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