Tiantai Beer Equipment

Part 1:
Our Vision:To become a respected beer equipment manufacturer

1. Keep listening to and meet customers requirements; Guide and exceed their expectation, winning the customers respect;

2. Keep enhancing corporate image to increase the sense of honor and pride,winning the employees respect;

3. Promote the health development of the industry ,grow up together with all participator, winning the participators respect;

4. Paying attention to corporate responsibility, Care and feedback to the society,winning the society respect.

Part 2:
Our mission: Keep improve the quality of beer equipment to serve users better and better.

1. Supply more excellent、 more intelligent、 more affordable craft brewing equipment to allow more enthusiasts enjoying the craft beer brewing;

2. Pay attention to beer quality, serving for people’s natural, healthy and taste-rich craft beer;

3. Promote the development of beer culture, serving for enjoying joyful and passionate life.

Part 3:
Our values: Honesty, enterprise, cooperation, innovation

1. Honesty

Comply with national law and comapny regulations, abide by the professional ethics;

Behave morality-oriented, insist on equity, honesty, trustworthy

Bring the positive energy to people arounded.

2. Enterprise

Dutifully dedicate, effectively implement; 

Take responsibility bravely, actively rise to challenges;

Keep curiousness, keep learning, keep excellence.

3. Cooperation

Keep open and co-winning value,share the growth of the craft industry with partners.

Know overall situation,  cooperate with other teams to realize the goal together;

Willing to share the professional knowledge and experience, growing together with team.

4. Innovation

The purpose of innovation is to create more value for users;

Anyone can innovate; Anything can innovate.

Dare to break,willing to try, fearing no failure,good at summarize.

Part 4:
Our operation philosophy: All for users’value

1. Pay attention to farsighted development, make sure the users interests will not be violated in the pursuit of profit;

2. Pay attention to users requirements, deeply understand users requirements, continually satisfy users requirements by perfect quality and services;

3. Pay attention to users sentiment communication, be respectful and considerate of users feelings , sharing development and prosperity with users.

Part 5:
Management ideas: focus on all team members’ growth

1. Provide comfortable working condition and incentive mechanism for our efficiency and professional members;

2. Complete training system and career planning,make memebers enjoy the happiness of growing together with the team;

3. Fully trust and respect the team members, continually encourage,support and guide them, make them enjoy the happiness of achievement.

Tiantai Beer Equipment Overview