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Tickbox Sytems Ltd is a certified Microsoft Partner and also tested and qualified as one of their Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) - we provide software and developed applications with the latest Windows platforms including Sharepoint 2010.

Our key services are:

  • Software Licence Shop
  • SharePoint 2010 Hosted DMS
  • Business Intelligence - Excel Pivot Reporting

Software Licence Shop

Tickbox Systems Ltd - Software Licence Shop

If you have more than 5 PCs, you’d be better off with the Microsoft Open Licence Programme (MOLP) which we can setup for you and provide you with lower prices than standard retail.

We’ll also advise on any licence implementation issues so you are not paying for anything unnecessarily and are getting maximum value for money from your investment – we can identify where Software Assurance, for example, does and does not add required value.

Software Licence Shop

Visit Our Software Licence Shop

Visit our Software Licence Shop where you can check out and buy your Windows Client, Windows Server, Remote Desktop / Terminal Server, SQL Server, Sharepoint 2010, Project, Visual Studio and all other Microsoft licensing – also enabling you to be in control of downloading your software and tracking licences so you never have to worry about losing that vital disk or certificate!

Visit Our Software Licence Shop

Business Intelligence Systems

Plugging straight into Sharepoint, we specialise in Business Intelligence Systems and offer fixed-price projects designed to maximise your return on investment. In fact, we can almost certainly deliver a valuable key system for less than £5K (if you already have your data in SQL Server, otherwise a reasonable amount to get it there) – to get you up and running with concise and drillable management information to help you identify key issues and have confidence in your data.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services helps that and even comes free with the world-class database software, together with Integration Services and Reporting Services (SSAS, SSIS and SSRS). Yet these components are rarely used due to learning curve and complexity. We can set up Analysis Cubes so you can point Excel or Dot.NET apps at them for instant results. Your IT department can then extend them or continue to work with us to provide additional high-value business analysis and reporting, allowing them to concentrate on managing your data and systems.

PivotTables in Excel are incredibly useful to Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing departments and enable them to verify figures, pinpoint volumes of transactions, and plan for future opportunities. Use them plugged into our BI system and get maximum realisation of your business.

Business Intelligence Systems

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