Till Rolls International

We supply paper tills rolls and associated equipment to all EPOS customers. Our products are used by all businesses selling via an EPOS system, any till, remote, mobile device which a receipt is required.

We supply Grade A paper till roll made with top quality Epsom paper. These type of rolls will not degrade and create dust that can block your print terminals, rendering your EPOS terminals to break down, creating increase in maintenance and down times.

We also supply thermal till rolls, ideal for fast and an almost silent receipt producing service.We supply single ply, 2 ply and 3 ply till rolls, enabling copies of receipts for different departments. We supply white till rolls, various coloured paper rolls for ease of training for staff. One copy for the customer (pink?) and the white for the till!We also sell restaurant pads, which are ideal for waiting staff for all order notification.


We provide shop till rolls, used across the EPOS site, for providing receipts after credit card or debit card transactions.Our till rolls are used across all industries, where proof of purchase of using credit or debit card transactions.

Our thermal paper till rolls and standard till rolls are available on instant payment via debit or credit card or on account of 30 days. 

Restaurant Pads

We supply Restaurant Pads, also known as waiting staff pads, waitress pads, waiter pads – ideal for waiting staff taking orders in restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels etc. 

Till Rolls International Overview