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Using our specialist expertise, at TillSecure Systems we supply hotel locking systems. We provide product service and support for the whole of the UK.

Our hotel locking systems service includes:

  • Hotel Card Locks
  • Key Card Locks 
  • RFID Locking
  • Hotel Locks
  • Hotel Lock Upgrades

RFID Locks

RFID locks are the industry choice and standard for high traffic areas. With RFID technology and key card locking systems, our clients get the benefit of hard wired systems at a fraction of the cost.

Our RFID locks are cost-effective options and are designed to meet your expectations. For futher benefits and specifications, please visit our website for more information.

RFID Locks

Fingerprint Locks

For staff and office access, our biometric or fingerprint locks offer a great solution to managing access points. Our fingerprint locks provide an attractive, functional design but still offer a robust, higher level of security.

Fingerprint Locks

In-Room Energy Savers

We supply a variety of products for use inside a hotel room. From in-room energy savers to in-room automation features, we offer a number of unique products.

For in-room hotel accessories, we also provide:

  • In-Room Safes
  • Mini Bars
  • Guest Security Features
  • Laptop Safes
In-Room Energy Savers


To aid your staff with need for access control to locked areas, we offers a range of RFiD Key FOBS, card holders, lanyards, keycards, cleaning cards, and accessory batteries to help.

Our RFID key FOBS are very resilient and ideal for situations where very frequent use is required .

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