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Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd is a world leading slitter machine manufacturer with over 35 years experience as designers and manufacturers of both primary and secondary slitter rewinders with the global brand names of Atlas & Titan.

As an experienced and renowned slitter machine manufacturer, we offer slitter rewinders for a wide range of flexible materials including plain, coated and metallised plastic films, labelstock, paper and printed flexible packaging materials.

Slitter Rewinder Machines

If you are looking for a slitter rewinder manufacturer who can provide the latest, most advanced design technology for manufacturing the highest quality slitter rewinder machines, we provide a world leading service.

As specialist manufacturers of slitter rewinder machines, we offer the most advanced and extensive slitter rewinder technology for the global converting industry.

Film Slitting Machines

If you are looking to choose from a range of film slitting machines,we provide the world's largest and fastest slitter rewinders.

Our film slitting machines are designed for various types of plastic film production lines, including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, HDPE and LDPE. We have installed more than 200 Atlas film slitters worldwide exceeding 6m in width and in recent years we have increased sales of primary and secondary slitter rewinders for BOPET and other types of film. The next generation Atlas CW Series provides more compact slitting and rewinding solutions in widths from 2.5 to 10.4 metres (98 – 410 ins.).

Flexible Packaging Slitter Machines

Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. also designs and manufactures the Titan range of flexible packaging slitter machines. If you are looking for flexible packaging slitter rewinders for plastic film, labelstock, laminates, paper or other coated or printed flexible materials, we have the most technically advanced solutions for you.

Included in the range are the next generation Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinders in Dual Turret (DT), Dual Shaft (DS) and Single Turret (ST) formats providing exceptional productivity and production flexibility at speeds up to 1000 m/min (3,300 ft/min).  In addition, the Titan ER610 is a compact, cantilever slitterwith a running speed of 450 m/min (1500 ft/min) and an option for slit widths as narrow as 35mm (1.37 ins).

Paper Slitting Machines

The Atlas OCS-2 is the most successful in our range of paper slitting machines. This centre surface slitter rewinder has been designed for processing all types of paper & filmic, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) labelstock materials.

To see the full range of paper slitting machines, visit our website or contact us for more information.

Roll Handling

Our range of Atlas & TItan roll handlingsolutions are produced using the latest automation technologies. We can design fully automated, bespoke roll handlingsolutions and ‘turn-key’ systems for handling both parent (mill) rolls and smaller slit reels. We provide custom solutions to meet individual requirements including:

  • Mill roll and slit reel conveying systems
  • Slitter loading systems
  • Reel weighing systems
  • Label inside core and outside reel
  • Reel wrapping / bagging systems
  • Automatic palletising of slit reels
  • Conveying and wrapping of pallets
  • Integrated systems into plant SAP / ERP systems

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