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Here at Titan Electronics, we are a supplier of electronics components, PCBs, wiring looms, wire and connectors. With over a decade’s knowledge and experience within the industry you can rest assured that we have the capability and security to take on your project

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

We can provide you with printed circuit boards from leading manufacturers that have bene fully quality certified. We supply over 15,000 PCBs to companies within the UK every month alone and can handle orders for small prototypes all the way up to large-scale batches. Our range of PCBs includes single and double-sided options and multi-layer boards.

We’ve provided printed circuit boards to clients in the computing, automotive, rail, aerospace and medical sectors. The circuit boards are fully certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949.

Wiring Looms

At Titan Electronics we have one of the most extensive ranges of wire and cable available in the UK. We can provide you with standard and bespoke wiring looms made to your precise specifications at our manufacturing facilities in the UK or in China.

Specific cables and wires for use in data measurement and power lines, along with connectors, sockets and crimps can be provided. Among the wire types we have are test leads, speaker cables, UL hook-up wire, and tri-rated flexible wire.

Cable Harnesses

We can take on small-scale and large-volume orders for cable harnesses which will be manufactured at our head office, our facility in Scotland or in China depending on the size of the order. All of our cabling is quality certified and we offer a prototype for you to sign off.

For our full range of cable and wire types have a look at our website or speak to our team. Among the cables available are coaxial, UL, flexible mains cabling, defence industry standard cables, and tri-rated flexible wires, telecoms and audio cables.


We are leading providers of wire and cable to clients in the medical, gaming, oil and gas and automotive industries. Based in the UK, your wiring loom will be despatched in a short timeframe. We supply to subcontractors and provide bespoke wire assemblies and cable harnesses - all are fully quality certified in line with UL, ISO or TS16949 accreditations.

A prototype can be provided for you if required, so you can check the wire will suit your application before you commit to the full production run.


At Titan Electronics we have the largest range of cable in the UK, and can manufacture bespoke assemblies and harnesses to your specifications. All are fully quality certified in line with UL, ISO and TS16949 regulations. Full accessories including crimps, sockets, terminals, transformers, and microchip microcontrollers are available as well.

The full range of cable includes speaker cables, audio, telecoms, defence industry standard cables for use with data processors, military vehicles and signalling, heatshrink sleeving, UL hook-ups and equipment wire, and tri-rated wires. 

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