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TELPRO Companies were established in 1998 to manufacture mixed metal oxide and platinized titanium anodes for the cathodic protection industry. Since then we have designed, manufactured and supplied our products all over the world to a wide variety of clients and markets.

We are committed to providing our customers with the very best in products and services. Our US based manufacturing facility is well placed to deliver high quality, fast production and competitive pricing. All of our products are USA manufactured.

With an international sales and marketing presence we are now well placed to be the world’s leading producer of MMO anodes in the field of Cathodic Protection. We are continually developing our product range and listening to our customers to provide solutions and products that are technically compliant and commercially acceptable.


Oil, Gas & Water Pipelines
Telpro can supply a variety of products for pipeline applications, using Tubular Anodes for deep or shallow groundbeds and linear "Flex Anodes" for in-plant pipework or pipeline corridors.

Above and Below Ground Storage Tanks
Telpro Ribbon Anodes are ideal for external base plate protection, whilst internal protection can be provide with wire, tubular or rod anodes according to the size, construction method and service of the tank.

Steel in Concrete
Telpro Ribbon Mesh and Overlay Mesh anodes are well established for the protection of
steel rebar in concrete. Telpro Sawtooth anodes for concrete have the advantage of larger surface area and lower internal resistance. Telpro also produce a range of discrete anodes (Telpro Point Source Anodes) for protection of steel frame buildings and retro-fitting of ICCP to rebar.

Heat Exchangers
Telpro Rod anodes are commonly used for protection of Heat Exchangers and Condensers. We can assist with anode design and fitting assemblies to ensure design compatibility and integrity of the structures.

Ships, Jetties & Wharves
Telpro Anodes are widely used for a number of fresh and seawater applications, for jetties and harbours Tubular Anodes and Disc Anodes are mounted  / hung according to the project requirements and structure design. For ships, disc and elliptical anodes are commonly used. Telpro can assist with your design from the initial stages to ensure complete product compatibility.

Condenser Water Boxes in Power Plants and Refineries
Correct anode design is critical for all CP applications but none more so than in power station condensers. Typically Telpro Rod and Disc anodes are designed working hand in hand with the condenser manufacturer to ensure that fine tolerances are respected and precise fitting is ensured.




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