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We are stockists of raw titanium materials and provide a quality product combined with excellent customer service. Our titanium raw materials undergo a full quality check and have full traceability.


We supply titanium products to the oil and gas industry, petrochemical and medical sectors and have a comprehensive range of titanium stock that is ideal for the metal finishing industry.


Titanium possesses high strength but with a low density and is highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium can be welded and formed the same as steel.

Titanium Mesh

As one of the leading stockists of titanium products, we have a large range of titanium mesh available in varying sizes.

We have titanium mesh in sizes of 10m x 5mm x 1mm thick. Each titanium roll is supplied in dimensions of around 1000mm wide by 6000mm long.

If you have a specific size request for your titanium mesh then we can offer other sizes. Our titanium mesh is specified to ASTM B265 Grade 1.

Titanium Square Jig Bar

We can provide titanium square jig bar in a range of sizes and random lengths.

Our titanium square jig bar comes in the following range of sizes:

  • 6.35mm x 6.35 mm
  • 9.5mm x 9.5mm
  • 12.7mm x 12.7mm
  • 19.05mm x 19.05mm
  • 25.4mm x 25.4mm
  • 25.4mm x 12.7mm
  • 25.4mm x 19.05mm
  • 25.4mm x 6.35 mm
  • 12.7mm x 6.35mm
  • 19.05mm x 6.35mm and 19.05mm x 9.5mm
Titanium Square Jig Bar

Titanium Metal Stockists

We are a titanium metal stockist; if you require a complete titanium package then we can supply the product at a very competitive price but never compromising the service or the quality.

As we are a leading titanium metal stockist in the UK we can give you the quality titanium product that has been through a stringent quality checking process.

Our titanium material has been used in many different sectors such as the medical industry, gas and oil industry and in the aerospace sector.

Titanium Metal Stockists

Titanium Jig Section

We are able to supply you with titanium jig section and it is available in a variety of lengths at random.

Our titanium jig section  is available in sizes ranging from 6.35mm x 6.35mm to 19.05mm x 9.5mm.

Titanium Jig Section

Titanium Sheet

We can supply titanium sheet in a variety of grades including grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 and are specified to ASTM B265.

Our titanium sheet sizes range from 0.5mm in thickness with weights of 2.26kgs (grade 1-4) and 2.23kg (grade 5) all the way through to 63.5mm in thickness with weights approaching 286 kg.

Other titanium sheet sizes are available so please contact us to find out more.

Titanium Bars

We can supply a range of titanium bars that can be up to 300mm in diameter and are in line with ATSM B348 Grade 2, 5 and 7.

Our titanium bars come in a range of diameters from 5mm to 300mm with a range of weights. Please see our comprehensive PDF sizing chart on the website.

Titanium Bars
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