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Titanium Products Ltd (TPL) was formed in 1990 to supply non-standard welded CP Titanium tube for the water heater element market. The size range is 6.35 mm - 15.88mm diameter for as-welded products. By drawing down stock tube, diameters down to 1mm are available for medical/surgical instruments, temperature sensors etc.

Titanium strip at 0.4mm and 0.5mm thickness is usually in stock and other thicknesses below 0.5mm can be produced by cold rolling.

Using approved sub contractors, the company can supply machined components and welded/fabricated assemblies to customers drawings.

Titanium Products Ltd is approved to ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No. GB2002645 .

Energy Savings with Titanium

In hard water areas there is a case for specifying Titanium sheathed water heating elements which have a superior thermal performance than Nickel alloy heaters, traditionally fitted where Copper sheathed elements have a very short service life.

The following press release details the results of thermal performance trials recently completed by the University of Wolverhampton/WatStech which suggest that energy savings of at least 6% are possible with Titanium heaters.


In those cases where Nickel alloy elements have failed from the effects of limescale build up, Titanium sheathed heaters should be used as replacements. Not only will Ti heaters provide many years of trouble free service but lifetime energy cost savings will be significant(reference "Tests Define Benefits of Titanium Water Heating Elements")

As part of the Government's strategy to reduce carbon emissions, the Code for Sustainable Homes will affect, inter alia, material selection where a significant contribution to reducing emissions can be demonstrated. In terms of electric water heating, in hard/corrosive water environments, it is clear Titanium sheathed elements should be seriously considered for new boiler designs and the replacement market.

Additionally, implicit in the EC Directive on Electrical and Electronic Waste disposal is the need for manufacturers to supply longer life products which is clearly relevant to the water heater market.

Energy Savings with Titanium

CP Titanium Strip

Availability: 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.65mm Thickness
Current Stock:

   30mmW x 0.4mmT 
   29mmW x 0.4mmT 
   80mmW x 0.4mmT 
   17mmW x 0.65mmT 

This material is suitable for use as electrodes for cathodic protection systems

CP Titanium Strip

Welded Titanium Tube


  6.35mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm diameters
Current Stock:     6mmO/D x 1mmW x 6mL - seamless 
  9.5mmO/D x 0.4mmW x 6mL 
  9.5mmO/D x 0.6mmW x lengths 
  9.5mm OD x 0.7mmW x lengths 
  12.7mmO/D x 0.66mmW x 6mL
Welded Titanium Tube
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