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At TJ Williams, we specialise as a test gauges manufacturer and repairer in addition to pressure and vacuum gauges, tank contents gauges, low pressure capsule gauges and chemical seals. With over a century of combined experience as a test gauges manufacturer and repairer amongst other quality products, we offer expertise and knowledge that is both respected and recognised in the industry.

Pressure Gauges

We supply an extensive range of vacuum and pressure gauges. We are confident will cater for your technical requirements. Our extensive range of pressure gauges includes these key product examples:

  • General purpose - black finished gauges
  • Brass cased gauges
  • Stainless steel cased gauges
  • Large pressure gauges
  • Diaphragm gauges
  • Test gauges
  • Safety pattern gauges
  • Differential gauges
  • Low pressure / vacuum gauges
  • Contact gauges
  • Absolute gauges

A range of special gauges is also available on our website with pressure gauge selection, installation and maintenance data.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Instruments

As specialists in the market, our range of pressure instruments offers many high quality products ideal for many applications.

Pressure instruments in our range include:

  • Pressure / vacuum gauges
  • Chemical and hygienic gauges
  • Diving industry gauges
  • Test equipment
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Special purpose gauges
Pressure Instruments

Level Instruments

Whether it is mains operated level instruments or a high quality alarm unit you require, we have many high performing level instruments to offer.

These include:

  • The FilSafe tank monitoring alarm unit
  • Tank monitoring system, float operated alarm unit
  • FilSafe alarm unit
  • FilSafe tank monitoring alarm unit
  • FilSafe tank monitoring system
  • Level switches
  • Self powered hydrostatic level gauges
  • Hand operated level gauges
  • Battery operated level gauges
  • Mains operated level instruments
Level Instruments

Temperature Instruments

We have a high quality collection of temperature instruments including our economic temperature head transmitter designed for converting input signals. Heavy duty thermometers as well as digital thermometers and digital temperature transmitters are also included in our temperature instruments range

Temperature Instruments

Gauge Repair and Calibration

We offer an unmatched gauge repair and calibration service (available on site) with certification to international standards. A collection service is also available with our gauge repair and calibration service covering the following products categories:

  • Process pressure –transmitters, gauges, and switches
  • Process temperature – thermometers and transmitters
  • Level –transmitters, switches and digital or analogue indicators
  • Flow – meters, transmitters and switches
  • Electrical –avos, multimeters and meggers
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