TL Electronic GmbH


Manufacturer of industrial PCs, refiner of industrial LCDs & Panel PCs: Since 1983 TL Electronic has been an established manufacturer of customized industrial IT hardware such as industrial PCs, embedded PCs, fanless systems, panel PCs, TFT LCD industrial monitors as well as touch screen systems.

With the utmost care, TL technicians will assemble every industrial PC and panel PC in a continuous ESD-protected production process. That’s why the damage of electronic components by electrostatic discharge is excluded in the TL production. The well-proven concept of a serial number traceability on component-level guarantees exact reproducibility and a detailed retraceability of each installed component. Every industrial PC and panel PC must complete a minimum of 24 hours of "burn-in" endurance test. This will prevent possible failures before delivery.

TL Electronic GmbH

Our products: tablet PCs, personal computers for industry, panel PCs, industrial monitors, touch screen control panels, modular embedded computing solutions, fanless personal computers (PC), thin film transistor (TFT) screens, LCD touch-screen monitors, custom-design industrial computers

TL Electronic GmbH
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