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We specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality thermometers and temperature probes for a wide range of industries.

Our temperature probes are manufactured using a two part moulding technique, resulting in a solid and waterproof handle. They are built using high-quality stainless steel and they are robust and offer complete accuracy.

  • Surface Probes
  • Air Probes
  • General Purpose Probes
  • Plug Mounted Probes
  • Thermistor Probes

TME Thermometers

We design and manufacture high-grade handheld thermometers suitable for varying applications.

As part of our range of handheld thermometers, we supply the TME2000 series thermometers. They have a two-year warranty, are microprocessor driven, and offer unbeatable accuracy and stability.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY KIT OFFER £120 - TME launch its brand new Compact Legionnaires' Kit comprising the new MM2008 Legionella Thermometer with Integral Timer PLUS a Dual Purpose Surface/Immersion Probe for just £120.


We are specialist designers, manufacturers and suppliers of an eclectic variety of thermometers and probes. Included in our thermometers range are a series of handheld devices.

The TME series thermometers are especially versatile. They have a two-year warranty, are microprocessor driven, and offer particularly high accuracy and reliability.

Barcode Scanner Thermometer

Our range of barcode scanner thermometer products uniquely combines portable temperature monitoring with barcode and Bluetooth technologies to provide comprehensive temperature monitoring.

Unlike other products on the market, our barcode scanner thermometer has a new portable logging capability to scan and record temperature, date, time and product identity.

Thermometer with Bluetooth

For the most technologically advanced and proficient thermometer products, we supply a thermometer with Bluetooth range.

Our thermometer with Bluetooth products includes the Thermo Bluetooth™ and also the Bluetooth Printer with belt/wallmount bracket. It is a device compatible with handheld thermometers and one that comes with a range of features and accessories.

Solo Thermometer Range

We manufacture and supply a solo thermometer range combining unrivaled accuracy and hygiene with a sleek and ergonomic design. Our solo thermometer range is applicable to many differing uses.

  • Solo Thermometer for Plug-in Probes
  • Solo Thermometer with Fold Out Needle Probe

MM Combi Thermometer

For the very best in quality and reliability with thermometers look no further than our MM Combi Thermometer. It is device combining our two best selling products into one advanced unit.

The MM Combi Thermometer provides high accuracy, is waterproof, and has a simple point-and-probe action. It requires no plug-in connection to name but a few features.

Temperature Data Loggers

We manufacture and supply compact, robust and battery-powered temperature data loggers.

Our temperature data loggers are suitable for interior and exterior applications and are used for underwater monitoring in many industries such as food, logistics, healthcare and laboratories and agriculture.

Printing Thermometer

We supply a range of printing thermometer options and relevant accessories. Our printing thermometer products supply print on request including time, date and temperature recordings. They also print at pre-determined intervals.

We supply printing rolls for the P4101 model printing thermometer.

Catering Thermometers

We have been supplying the food retail industry for over two decades with our market leading catering thermometers. Our catering thermometers range is extensive and suitable for many applications.

Applications and compatibility include:

  • Storing perishable goods
  • Monitoring fridges, freezers and coldstores
  • Serving food and drinks
  • In-store climate control
  • Customer deliveries

Legionnaires' Disease

We pride ourselves in supplying high-quality thermometer products and relative solutions for a multitude of requirements. Our products are important testing instruments, capable of improving heath and safety. They can assist in the detection of legionnaires' disease.

Legionnaires' disease can prove to be a fatally infectious disease and our legionella testing and water monitoring products can significantly decrease the chances of infection or contamination.

Temperature Probe Kits

We manufacture and supply an eclectic and versatile range of temperature probe kits suitable for varying applications. As well as temperature probe kits, we also supply and manufacture complete temperature measurement kits with handheld thermometers.

  • Food Kit Type T Probes
  • General Purpose Kit Type K Probes
  • Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Kit Type K Probes

Thermometer/Probe Accessories

As well as our array of thermometer products we also manufacture and supply thermometer/probe accessories.

Our thermometer/probe accessories include products that ensure that you keep instruments and probes clean, hygienic and safely stored.

  • Fabric Holster
  • MMHols Holster for MM Series Handheld and 1 Probe
  • Probe Wipes - 200 Sheet Pot
  • Temperature Record Log Book
  • Thermo Attachment Pads - Book of 100
  • Thermocouple/PRT Cables and Connectors

Fixed Installation Probes

As part of our versatile and multi-functional range of probes and thermometers, we manufacture and supply fixed installation probes. These fixed installation probes incorporate Thermocouples, PRT elements or thermistor sensors.

  • Type T Food Simulant Probe
  • Solar Powered Digital Thermometer
  • Head Mounted Sensor
  • Rubber Patch

Legionella Testing

We provide a wide range of products and solutions for the processes of Legionella testing and water monitoring applications.

Our quality off-the-shelf products and solutions cater for bespoke designs and requests and are suitable for all sizes of business and many differing industries.

Legionella testing and water monitoring products include:

  • Legionnaires Temperature Kit
  • Premier Legionnaires Temperature Monitoring Kit
  • Facilities Management Kit with Single Input Hand Held
  • MM7000 ThermoBar Scan

Building Management Thermometers

Within our extensive and versatile stock range and product capabilities, we produce building management thermometers.

We have been supplying building management thermometers for over two decades which have benefited scores of companies within the building management industry.

  • Single Input Thermocouple Thermometer
  • Dual Input Thermocouple Thermometer
  • Surface Probe
  • Dual Surface / Immersion Probe
  • Fine Wire Probe with attachment pad
  • Velcro Pipe Probe

Wall Mounted Thermometers

We supply a wide range of versatile wall mounted thermometers in the 4000 series. These wall mounted thermometers are available as single or six input instruments.

Features include a large back-lit LCD, a switchable function between °C and °F, and a selectable thermocouple input.

Panel Mount Thermometers

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of panel mount thermometers and instruments. Within our panel mount thermometers, is the 5000 series consisting of a  versatile thermocouple instrument and high accuracy.

A 12-way switch box to increase accuracy is also available.

Large Display Thermometers

We are manufacturers and suppliers of large display thermometers. Our large display thermometers are high accuracy microprocessor based instruments with three differing input signal options.

The series includes:

  • 2 inch LED Large Display Instrument
  • 4/5 inch LED Large Display Instrument
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