TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd


TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd are responsible for the sales, marketing and support of Toshiba Machine's Industrial Robots throughout Europe.

Toshiba Machine / TM Robotics offer an extensive range of SCARA and Cartesian Industrial Robots. These are sold throughout Europe with the aid of a comprehensive network of system integration partners / distributors. Our partners provide local support, assistance, training and solutions to your automation requirements.

Available in a variety of sizes for assembly, material handling, pick and place, sealing, palletising and positioning applications, our SCARA robots are also easily integrated into Toshiba machine tools, injection molding machines, printing presses and die casting machines.


Toshiba Machine offers the most extensive range of SCARA Robots on the market with 19 versions of arms. In addition there are a variety of options including clean-room and IP65 versions available so as to meet every application.

Cartesian Robot

Our BA-II Series of Cartesian Robots is the sensible alternative to costly industrial robots that are difficult to pargram and operate. Our Building block systems allows for all-digital single- or multi-axis configuration with variety of power options for a diverse range of application needs.

TV Series 6-Axis Robots

TM Robotics now offers Toshiba Machine’s TV and TVL range of 6- Axis robots, which find uses in a host of pick and place applications. As a result, the company is one of very few UK suppliers who can offer easy to use 6- Axis, SCARA and Cartesian robots, sourced from a single manufacturer.

Palletising Robots

Toshiba Machine’s SR-HZ series of palletising robots offers an impressive payload of 50 to 70 kg that means the range is ideally suited to moving heavy parts, pallets or components.

Arm lengths range from 1050 to 1950mms, meaning the robot can meet the demands of some industry’s largest palletising applications. Repeatability is from ±0.02mm while absolute positioning optimizes accuracy and means that no zero return is necessary.

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