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Being one of the largest independent companies in the UK for power press service and repair, we have gained a lot of expertise in the field enabling us to provide the best service for the press user. We offer the finest professional services for power presses and can provide high quality maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Used Power Presses

We have a comprehensive range of used power presses with a valuable ability to manufacture many different types of parts. In relation to power presses we can offer a complete service, from designing to manufacturing.

Worn Crankshaft Repairs

At TMA Engineering, we can machine the bearing journals to create new bearings to specification. If you have a current part needing maintenance, we can offer bearing and worn crankshaft repairs.

Worn crankshaft repairs is just one example of what we can offer. We can make crankshafts for most types and sizes of presses.

Railway Maintenance

Started in 1973, TMA Engineering has been providing a valuable service to the power press industry. We have established ourselves as one of the largest independent sales, repair and power press companies in the UK.

We are also specialised in railway maintenance and can provide full railway maintenance support as well as:

  • Specialist part manufacture, fixings, tanks etc.
  • Overhauls, tight lock coupler supports
  • Jigs & fixtures for extracting and fitting components
  • Various safety equipment

A quick turn around is also offered to you on various types of unique parts and fixtures.

Welding Fabrication

Welding Fabrication is another area we like to advertise and we have arc, mig and tig welders to work with. Welding fabrication of all types and sizes is an attribute we take pride in, whether it be mild steel or aluminium.

Aluminium Welding

Aluminium is a prime example of one of the metals we work with. Aluminium welding is a distinctive feature of our applied services, as we can weld most types. We fabricate anything from one-off requests to large batches of samples or drawings. We also apply our aluminium welding service to repair worn castings and casings.

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