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As one of Europe's leading calibration facilities, TMS Europe has an ISO 17025 UKAS accredited calibration laboratory which is able to calibrate and certify equipment to the most exacting standards.

We are accredited to calibrate temperature sensors and systems, such as thermocouples, resistance thermometers and digital thermometers with attached temperature probes, from -80°C to 1600°C and also at -196°C. We can calibrate infrared thermometers from -30°C to 1500°C. Also within our scope of  UKAS accreditation is humidity, dew point, a wide range electrical equipment, time (stop watches, etc) and pressure devices.

We offer UKAS calibration services on-site for temperature, humidity, pressure and time interval. We calibrate equipment such autoclaves, fridges & freezers, furnaces, ovens and incubators.

Measurement Instruments

We offer a variety of hand-held digital instruments for measuring many environmental variables, for temperature measurement, digital thermometers for thermocouples & RTDs and infrared non-contact thermometers; for humidity measurement, hygrometers and moisture meters; for measurement of airflow and windspeed, anemometers.

Many of these instruments are available with UKAS calibration. We can also supply temperature sensors with the digital thermometers and calibrate them as a complete system.

Measurement Instruments

Data Loggers

For TMS Europe the term 'Data Logging' covers a wide range of solutions and many measurement variables. These include temperature, humidity, pressure, CO² and other gases, and also electrical variables in the form of energy monitoring. The form these data loggers take includes hand-held instruments, self contained in-process units, wireless (radio frequency) monitoring systems, and PC connected data acquisition units.

Many of our data loggers are available with UKAS calibration. For some temperature data logging systems we can also supply temperature sensors and calibrate them as a complete system.

Data Loggers


As well as offering bespoke solutions, TMS Europe sells a wide range of standard products online via the TMS Webshop. Many of these products are ex-stock and available for next working day delivery.


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