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Todaysure Matthews Ltd based in Manchester are an ISO accredited organisation specialising in the manufacture of the Surefire incineration equipment and combustion systems and biomass wood heaters built to the highest quality and standards.

Our Surefire range of incineration equipment is available in a range of capacities from 25kg to 1000kg/hour. Incinerators are designed to suit the appropriate local environmental legislation and standards for either batch or continuous operation.

Our biomass wood burning heaters are designed to dispose of clean wood and provide space heating.  They comply with UK and European Environmental Standards.

We have supplied Surefire incinerators throughout the world for the disposal of a variety of waste types, including clinical waste incinerators for hospitals and clinics, animal carcass incinerators for veterinary research centres, cremators for pet crematoria, abattoirs and agricultural establishments, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, Defence Ministries, port authorities and governmental departments, oil companies and many more.

Waste Loading

Practically bagged waste can be manually loaded into the waste loading of the incinerator up to 200kg per hour. Above this capacity is deemed unsafe and inefficient and we advise this be done automatically.

Waste loading can be introduced to the incinerator both manually or automatically and the choice is normally determined by the capacity of the plant and the waste that is being used.

Waste Loading


Our ranges of incinerators are made to provide a safe and efficient solution for the disposal of a many types of waste. Our incinerators can burn medical, animal, general, and liquid waste.

Our comprehensive range of incinerators includes the following types:

  • Rotary combustion chambers
  • Fixed hearth units
  • Stepped hearth combustion chambers
  • Hot incandescent hearth units
  • Containerised incinerators
  • Mobile incinerators
  • Starved air gasification units
  • Thermal oxidisers
  • Sludge/liquid waste incinerators
  • Waste oil combustion plants and waste energy systems

Secondary Combustion Chamber

In an incinerator, a secondary combustion chamber is where the waste gas is combusted as they come from the primary chamber.

We manufacture our secondary combustion chamber solutions in steel as the primary chamber is also made of steel. Gas in the secondary combustion chamber is treated in accordance with the EU Waste Incineration Directive 76/2000.

The result of the gas being treated in the secondary combustion chamber is a reduction in the combustion products and contaminant combustion products.

Secondary Combustion Chamber

Energy Recovery Systems

Our incinerators can also provide energy recovery systems designed to take the heat from the converted gas energy into more useful sources such as steam or hot water. Our energy recovery systems are manufactured to the latest standards are clad in aluminium and they are also very well insulated.

The boilers on our energy recovery systems have all the right gauges, level switches, crown valves, safety valves, and blow down vale and pump.

Energy Recovery Systems

Flue Gas Abatement

Flue gas abatement is now an absolute in the industry and you have to be in compliance with the EU Waste Incineration Directive 76/2000.

As part of the Flue gas abatement, the exhaust gases need to pass through the dry gas abatement plant. Flue gas abatement normally uses a bag or ceramic filter house and feed system that have lime/sodium bicarbonate and activated carbon system.

Flue Gas Abatement

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