TOMPS Online Ltd

TOMPS - Specialists in Mould Making Supplies & Materials

At Mould Making and Casting Supplies we provide a full range of:

  • Glass Fibre Reinforcements
  • GRP Fibre Glass Polyester Resin
  • Polyester Gelcoat

At TOMPS we have brand new RTV Mould Making Silicones including Viscolo, an uber low viscosity RTV Silicone that will make your mould last longer than any other RTV you have tried before, even with Polyester Resin and Fast Cast Resin.

We stock a range of Polyurethane Fast Cast Resin and also offer three types of Polyurethane Foam, both flexible and rigid gap filling. Our Polyurethane partners can supply almost any kind of resin

We trade with Film Production Companies assisting with Set Construction Materials and General Supplies, offering safe, fast transport of your supplies to almost anywhere in the world including Australia. Eastern Eurpoean Film Studios are now serviced with simplicity using our core range of Logisitics Companies.

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