Topweigh Ltd


Topweigh Ltd

We offer the Complete Service.

Giving "YOU" the customer your complete weighing needs

We are more Interested in  long term Commitment & Satisfaction to our customers.

Our history can be traced back through 3 generations from 1930. But can be traced back even further to Thomas Telford in the industrial revolution with rail and road bridges. 

We have built the company up through reputation. 

Late 1970's saw the introduction of the first above ground weighbridge in Europe which we were the first to manufacture and get approval on. This weighbridge is still in use today and every bridge since , being used 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. 

Retail Scales, Truck Scales and Weights

Design. Manufacture. Installation, Service. Repair.

Mechanical. Electronic. Hydraulic. Pneumatics. Calibration. Software.

1 gram to 500 Tonne

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