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Torqueflow-Sydex's range of progressing cavity pumps are positive displacement pumps.


They manufacture an extensive range of progressing cavity pumps, including the original Moineau pump design. This design has a stator bonded into a steel tube (flows from 50 L/h up to 200 m3/h, and pressures up to 48 bar).


Our waste water pumps and macerator pumps are used throughout the world.

Pump Products

Torqueflow-Sydex supplies progressing cavity pumps, sludge pumps, macerators, twin shaft grinders, macerator pumps,  Chemineer agitators & mixers, spares and shaftless screw conveyors to the; Waste Water, Food & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Water Treatment, Bio-Fuels & Energy markets.

Water Pumps

Waste water - The Torqueflow-Sydex K Range of progressing cavity pumps are used for digested sludge pumps, de-watered sludge pumps, polymer dosing pumps and more. In addition, we have our Torqueflow-Eliminator macerator pump with its self priming ability and robust design, combined with easy maintenance. We manufacture shaftless screw conveyors for transported heavy sludge, and our range of Super Shredder grinders used for pump protection.

Oil & Gas Pumps

Torqueflow-Sydex have a range of oil & gas pumps. Their progressing cavity pumps are used for liquids containing high chloride levels including oily water, oily sludge, flare knock out drum pump, closed drain pumps and produced water.

Their oil & gas pumps can be vertical or horizontal.

Eliminator Macerator Pump

Eliminator Macerator Pumps are a self-priming progressing cavity screw pump. They are typically used for suction lift applications. The Bi-Hammer Macerator reduces particle size before entering the pumping element.

The macerated waste is transferred to the final destination through the eliminator macerator pump.

Solids Handling

The efficient operation of wastewater and industrial plants often depends on the effective solids handling.

Tough, stringy plastics, rags, wood, grit and other solids can cause severe operational problems. Their FMI grinders, shredders, crushers and screens play a key role in solids handling.

They protect and enhance plant processes worldwide.

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