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With over 100 years combined experience designing printed circuit boards, TBS experts can cover all types of designs using all the relevant requirements to meet the latest manufacturing and assembly techniques. Our customers are many and work in various markets covering everything from start-up companies with a simple idea to multi-national companies with wide ranging products.

We continually keep our design skills up to date and we have achieved CID qualification which is the only formal qualification for the PCB design industry.

Every designer that works for TBS is an expert in their field, but although you may work with one designer they have the backing and knowledge of everyone in the TBS team. Our designers have all worked in the industry for many years and therefore our knowledge base of the various design types is complete.

We have designed every type of board here are just a few :-
Standard Analogue and Digital Designs, Power Supplies, High-Power/Voltage Designs, RF Designs, High-Speed Designs – Signal Integrity, Designs with EMC and EMI considerations and Microwave Designs.

With all these different types of printed circuit board we also have to have a complete knowledge of the various styles of boards that can be fabricated and assembled, this means we can provide the optimum solution to you PCB design requirement.

Our knowledge covers all of the following board styles :-
Single sided, Double sided, Multilayer, Flexible Circuits (Flexi’s), Flexible-Rigid Circuits (Flex-Rigid’s), Ceramic Substrates (Hybrid design), Exotic Materials (Polyimide, PVC etc).

With all these different board styles comes a complete knowledge of a board’s construction and which particular one would suit our customers’ needs to provide a cost effective design that can be fabricated and assembled as simply and cheaply as possible.

We can produce designs using the following techniques :-
Through hole, Surface Mount (SMT), Blind Via, Buried Via, Micro Via, Stacked Micro Via, Via in Pad.

The board construction is important but also the board assembly is equally important. We have the skills to create your library to IPC7351B, or we can check your library has been created to your specific standard. Without correct footprint patterns a board will fail, this is a very important part of board design which is quite often completed and not checked, or completed but not to any particular standard.

Component types are constantly changing and we have the skills needed to create designs, here are just a few :-
Through hole Component, SMD Components, BGAs, µBGAs and LGAs, µVias, blind and buried vias, CSPs, Flip-chip, Bare-die, LGA (Land Grid Arrays), LTM Power Devices.

Our aim is to provide the right solution to you at the right time. We pride ourselves on being able to match the right design, fabrication and assembly techniques to deliver a cost effective solution for both your prototype and production needs.

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Andy Critcher, Partner