Total Therapy Group


Total Therapy Group offers a range of services for improving health and reducing the stress in the workplace, these include:

On-site Massage: Choose from Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki and even Physiotherapy.

Therapy sessions can be as long or as short as your company requires and we handle all the administrative and practical details of treating each employee.

Employee Health Workshops: Topics available include: Stress Management, Workplace Yoga, Food & Mood, Work/Life Balance, Healthy Working Posture and Time Management

These flexible workshops provide your employees with the tools to improve and maintain their own physical and mental wellbeing.                                         

Stress Counselling, Coaching and EAP: Total Therapy Group deliver comprehensive Employee Counselling, Management Coaching, Ongoing Support and Legal Advice for your employees. 

Delivered both over the phone and face to face, we can cover workforces of any size, delivering both proactive and reactive Employee Assistance services.

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