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TOUCHSCREENS DIRECT is an approved Elo Elite-level value-added reseller partner in the UK and Europe and the only complete one-stop global solutions provider.  We are unique in the European marketplace by selling all Elo products rather than specific products or ranges.

Having specialised in Elo's products for over ten years we don't just sell you a product, we have the necessary experience to help to guide you through making the right choice of product and the best technology for your needs. Whether you are looking for a single item or a volume quantities, we offer exceptional pricing and aim to make the whole ordering process as simple as possible.


Purchasing an Elo Touch Solutions desktop touchmonitor is the quickest and simplest way to add touch capabilities to an existing computer system.

Elo's wide range of desktop touchmonitors bring touch technology to the forefront of your requirements with a selection of technologies to suit every market, display sizes from 7" to 22", plus optional peripherals such as magnetic stripe readers, customer displays, fingerprint readers and barcode scanners.

The Elo brand is synonymous throughout the world with rugged, reliable products.  As inventors of touchscreen technology in the 1970's, Elo remain the most sought-after, and most widely used, touchscreen manufacturer in the world.


Digital signage

Elo Touch Solutions have launched a new line of Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) touch systems designed to drive significant opportunities for digital display applications and development.

The new IDS portfolio – which includes IntelliTouch+ Surface acoustic wave, IntelliTouch Pro projected capacitive (PCap) and new Optical touch screen technology with commercial-grade, large format LCD panels – offers System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers and Software Developers a high-performance solution for the interactive enablement of large-scale digital displays in high-traffic environments.

The new Elo Touch Solutions IDS offers the digital signage market a unique industry position: the only display system to incorporate zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen technology into large-format, ruggedized panels specifically built for commercial environments. The new systems are housed in a highly durable, aluminium chassis to ensure reliable interactivity and performance in almost any public-access location.

Open frames

The Elo Touch Solutions open-frame touchmonitor range for kiosk usage is ideally suited to the needs of all system integrators.

Models range from 12" up to 42", with choices of standard aspect and widescreen-aspect screen sizes along with a variety of optional mounting solutions.

Elo's industry-leading product lifecycle means that in almost all cases, new models have near-identical physical dimensions to their products they are replacing, look at the brand new 90-Series recently launched.  Improved technical specifications across the board on all units whilst retaining the same width and height as their 30-Series and 40-Series counterparts.


The Elo range of integrated touchcomputers offer the functionality of a class-leading touchscreen monitor built around a solid, reliable built-in computer system suitable for all industries and markets.

With display sizes ranging from 10" up to 22", the range also includes a number of peripherals such as customer displays, magnetic stripe readers and webcams in addition to a wide range of hardware upgrades to improve memory and storage capabilities.


Elo Touch Solutions, a leading brand in touch products and technologies, offer a range of touch-based products specifically designed for medical applications.

The recognized quality and reliability of Elo touch-based products results from a design that incorporates easy to read displays and responsive touchscreen interfaces, with a sealed casing that protects against liquid splashes. This allows the display to continue operating accurately even when subjected to water drops or other substances. Equally at home in a busy clinic or waiting room, Elo touchscreen products can be activated with a finger, rubber-gloved hand, or stylus — all common in healthcare settings.

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