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We provide attractive, strong special needs furniture ideal for use in special needs environments. They can be highly successful in residential day schools and special units in schools for pupils with:

  • Severe and complex learning difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD)
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Learning difficulties

Custom-made psychiatric furniture and strong special needs furniture can also be used in accommodation and homes for adults with learning difficulties and autism as well as psychiatric and mental health units, secure units, bail hostels, rehabilitation units, and housing trusts.

We have a superb reputation for designing a variety of bespoke special needs furniture and have glowing testimonials on our website to show it. We routinely make one-offs as part of our custom manufacturing service.

Tough Furniture

Our classic range of tough furniture is designed to combine durability and value with an attractive and homespun feel. The tough furniture range includes features to cope with a spectrum of challenging behaviours and minimise ligature risk.

Our standard range of furniture includes a diversity of essential items such as beds and cabinets as well as additional pieces of furniture to help create a domestic feel like display cabinets, safety mirrors, mattresses, picture frames, dining tables, chairs, seating, and kitchen units to help promote life skills.

We also provide extremely strong and safe polycarbonate TV protection screens in order to preserve TV sets and computers in challenging environments. They help to keep everyone safe and preserve a pleasing aesthetic with no worries.

Tough Furniture

Tough Beds

Our superb range of tough beds include single beds and single box beds with or without headboards. as well as beds with a diversity of storage solutions like drawers and lockable storage cabinets.

To complement our tough beds, we have a range of water-resistant, secure, soft touch foam and foam bed base mattresses. All our ranges of furniture and homely items have a track record of delivering quality, peace of mind and excellent value for money for an array of providers and service users.

Tough Beds

Safely Tough Furniture Range

Our safely tough furniture range is a new collection of high quality furniture. They are with the same standards as our traditional tough furniture, but with a more focussed approach to risk prevention. They are ideal for use mental health accommodation and secure accommodation.

The safely tough furniture range consists of beds, cupboards and drawers, wardrobes and storage, study furniture, and lounge furniture. This line of durable, psychiatric furniture features significantly minimised ligature risks and is perfect to create a safe but domestic environment for adults and children with learning difficulties and autism.

Safely Tough Furniture Range

Tough Plus Furniture Range

The tough plus furniture range is an enhanced version of our standard tough furniture designed for use in the most challenging environments such as mental health, and secure and severe learning disability / autistic accommodation. The tough plus furniture range can be fixed down and locked for optimum safety and includes features such as:

  • Locks to all doors and drawers, with a choice of two types
  • Inset handles, heavy duty strip hinges and half shelf clothes rail to minimise obvious ligature risks
  • Wallfix preparation, to make easy work of securing it
  • Doors and drawers inset within the carcass to remain secure when locked
Tough Plus Furniture Range

Tough Settees

Our durable and comfortable tough settees are designed to complement our cabinets and full furniture range. The frames of tough settees are plywood lined to all faces and the bottom is fixed with security screws with no visible staples.

Psychiatric furniture, like our settees, delivers the same rugged good service and long-term value and come in a diversity of high performance fabrics and styles.

Tough Settees
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